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Do rats die in the winter

If a rat were to find itself out in the cold all winter, it probably would die. More rats do die in the winter, but this is because most animals of any species die during the winter. It is the harshest time of the year and every animal will suffer in some way. Unless you have a warm and cozy home that you can hide away in, with plenty of food and water nearby, you’re not going to have a good time.

Rats eat a variety of foods and they will change their diet dependent on what they can find in their local area. They can eat fruits and vegetables growing in the garden, along with insects and bird feed. When the temperature drops, however, and the winter starts to drop in, those things are no longer available, so the rat will need to find something else to eat instead.

At the same time, insects they would normally find, and smaller mammals too, aren’t running around as they usually would. It’s too cold outside. Water sources become frozen. Life is becoming much harder. Unless they find a warm home to break into, or another place to find shelter from the weather and predators that are also hungry and desperately looking for food, there is a good chance the rats will die, either from hyperthermia, or from low-flying predators such as owls and hawks.

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