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Wildlife Trappers nuisance wildlife removal service in Orlando Florida was founded in 2002. I am a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. I have always held a strong interest in biology, wildlife, and the outdoors. I spent much of my childhood capturing hundreds of small critters, such as frogs, snakes, salamanders, and all matter of creature. I've also loved fishing ever since I was about five years old. Although I entered the software development field upon graduating college, I did not last long. I had a strong urge to work outside and with wildlife, so I found a local wildlife expert in my hometown and trained with him for two years in the art of nuisance wildlife control.

This is a specialty line of work, unlike traditional pest control, which typically implies insect control. Nuisance wildlife trappers such as myself deal strictly with larger vertebrates: mammals and reptiles. I handle problems between people and wild animals. Human-wildlife conflicts continue to increase as human populations grow and we spread out development into wilderness areas. Many wildlife species have suffered, but several have learned to adapt and even thrive in urban and suburban areas. Animals such as raccoons have learned that garbage cans, dumpsters, and pet dishes make easy sources of food. Squirrels have learned that an attic is a better place to live than any exposed tree. Rats of course thrive in developed areas, and use human food stores as primary food sources. The primary problems with wildlife habitation in buildings are the destruction of property (chewing on wires, etc), the noise (which keeps people awake at night) and the biohazard and health risks from animal diseases and waste.

I solve all of these problems in a professional manner, with an interest both in the welfare of you the customer and of the animal, which I do not want to hurt. I treat animals humanely, and usually always live trap them and relocate them far away from the developed suburban areas. Wildlife control is not easy - it appears to require a great deal more knowledge and skill than many other service fields, and while it can often be dangerous or dirty, it's also often very rewarding. I very much enjoy what I do, and I have encouraged and trained several of my friends in the same field. If you call us, there's a chance that one of my college-educated friends will be the one to solve your problem, and I have 100% faith in every person that I've trained. We look forward to solving your wildlife conflict, quickly, professionally, and permanently.

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