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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Jacksonville

Washington DC Rat Removal and Mouse Control

West: 703-881-3164

DC: 202-754-8770

Washington DC is loaded with rats, which can chew on electrical wires in the attic.
We trap and remove all the Washington DC rats and mice out of the attic for good.

For professional rat removal in Washington DC, done the correct way, with full exclusion (sealing the entry holes shut) and trapping, with permanent results, call Mike on the west side at 703-881-3164 or John on the east side at 202-754-8770. They are my recommendation for the best rat control in Washington DC.

Washington DC Rat Removal Tip:
How to prevent rats from entering your house -Picking up your garbage will not prevent rats from entering your home. Lawn cleanup will help your cause; however, keeping rats out of the home means keeping the building as fortified as possible. Home repair is foremost in the methods of rat prevention. Unless the rats can get inside, they can never be a nuisance. Holes and gaps in the exterior of the home need to be remedied as soon as they are noticed. No matter what state your property is in, if your home is sealed up, no pest animal will be able to bother you. That being said, yard care does play its part in preventing rats. Rats are animals of prey. This means they will avoid places where predators can easily spot them. A yard that is free of trees and bushes, with short grass and no gardens, will be a daunting expanse to cross if the rat wants to investigate the home. A rodent would much prefer tall grass, lots of flowers and shrubs, and trees to climb up near the roof of the home. To prevent a rat, you need to think like a rat.

Washington DC Rodent Control Email:
Hello David, I was searching for a reliable ultrasonic rat repellent and came across your site. You have no idea how helpful your site has been. For a start I'll give the ultrasonic devises a miss. I have not found one yet that has had any good reviews. Unfortunately I live in the UK so I can hardly ask you to 'call round' but maybe you could help answer something for me. I had a rat problem and our local authority 'rat man' came and placed poison trays in the roof space. I asked what if the rat dies in the wall cavity and was told 'this rarely happens'. Well unfortunately it has. My house is now full (I mean FULL) of flies and bluebottles. The smell is unbearable. The flies have also managed to find a way into my neighbours adjoining house. I have been told that eventually the flies and smell will go away as the maggots eat the carcase. I don't want to start cutting holes in the walls. I'm sure you (and your professional nose !!) could find the rat straight away but I could end up with holes everywhere and still not find it. Anyway to get to the point, of course I will plug up any entry points but how long will it take for the smell and flies to go away. No one seems to be able to tell me. Look forward to hearing from you.
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