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How to get a rat out of the toilet

You might not be aware of this, but rats are actually very good swimmers. Some of the city sewer systems around the world are damaged and old, and because of this, pipework becomes damaged. In these areas, it is not unusual for rats to get into the sewer systems, swimming their way through until they find a source of air … This usually means that the rats are led through the sewer systems and can make their way up the U-bend into your toilet.

Another time that you might find rats in the sewer systems is when there have been periods of excess rain or flooding. When the systems get too flooded with water, weird and wonderful creatures and all sorts of other things can make their way down there.

Rats have been known to live quite happily down in the sewers, even treading water for days on end. They can do this for up to four or five days before they get tired, and as well as treading water for ages, they can also swim for ages too. Again, it has been reported that these rodents can actually swim underwater and hold their breath for two to three minutes at a time. This is much longer than most humans can managed. It also means that the treading water, combined with swimming and holding their breath, and excellent swimming skills, enables the rats to live quite happily in the sewers.

For the record, by the time the rat has gone through all the effort so tread water, swim and hold their breath for as long as they have, they are likely to be absolutely exhausted by the time they pop up into your toilet. If you leave the toilet seat down, they will also be unable to get out - into your kitchen and therefore your home. Despite being not overly aggressive, a rat popping up in the toilet while you're trying to brush your teeth at night is not going to be a pleasant experience. Nevertheless, try not to panic.

There are a few ways that you can get the rat out of the toilet system, providing it hasn’t gotten out of the toilet and found its way into your home. You can call a plumber. They will come out and inspect the pipes, perhaps even using snare traps to get anything that is stuck down there, out. They may even be able to repair any holes or damage pipework, and put measures in place to stop further rats being able to enter your home. This can include a one-way rat baffle. If a rat gets into the toilet, they can get out via the sewers. However, if the rat comes in through the sewer, it won't be able to come up into the toilet.

If you have a rat in your toilet, one of the easiest things you can do is flush. It’s likely to send an already-exhausted rat right back into the sewers again. There are pros and cons for this, of course, and we would still recommend calling your landlord / rental agency / plumber / rat removal expert for more advice.

If you have spotted a rat in your toilet, you should report the problem to the appropriate authorities. It is a good sign that pipes have become damaged somewhere and are in need of attention. Do not ignore the problem. One rat almost always indicates more rats, and if they’re in the sewer, there’s a good chance they can come right back. This is definitely the case with sewer systems that are also connected to garbage disposal units. The rats are interested in these because of the food you throw down there.

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