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For professional bat control services in the Tampa Bay area, call All Pro Wildlife any time at (813) 404-7033. We specialize in the complete removal of all bats from homes and residential properties. We completely seal off all entry points and guarantee against any further possible bat removal in your building. We also clean and decontaminate the mess that they've left behind.

This is a photo of a Florida bat control project. First off, bats are NOT EXTERMINATED. This is illegal, and an ineffective way of performing bat control. Do NOT look for an exterminator for your bat control needs. Bats should be professionally removed by a licensed wildlife removal company that specializes in bats and can demonstrate, with references, bat control expertise. Remember, bats are valuable animals - they are an important part of the ecosystem, they eat a tremendous amount of insects, they reproduce slowly (one baby per year) and they live a long time. No one should kill bats. Besides, killing them is not a solution to your bat problem. The proper method of removing bats from a building involves not killing them at all - the bats have to be able to exit the building, and must be alive to do so on their own, and out of one-way exclusion devices. If the bats were exterminated, or killed somehow in the building, that's be a biohazardous disaster, and a terrible odor, and illegal. Do not exterminate bats. We provide bat removal all over the state of Florida, including:

Tampa Bat Control - I do many bat projects in Tampa and Hillsborough County each year. The bats seem to gather in greater concentration on the coasts, the gulf coast in particular, and the Tampa Bay area is full of bats. We also perform Tampa rat control services.

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