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What are the types of rat snap traps?

If you want to use the most tried and tested, successful method of rat removal, snap traps are most definitely it. They might not offer quite the humane approach you had probably hoped for, of course, but there is no real humane approach when it comes to rat trapping. If you were to trap a rat and then release it into the wild, for example, that rat would more than likely die within just a few short days. That’s the way of the world, and that’s what we have found with almost every rat-release.

The top trick to remember when you are using snap traps is that the more traps mean the more rats snapped … You get what we mean. If you have a home where it’s just you and your partner - no kids or pets - make your partner aware of where you have placed the traps, and then go a little crazy. Rats tend to run along skirting boards, close to walls, so we would always recommend placing them there.

You will often find that the rat population within your home is much higher than you have first anticipated, something usually shown when the first lot of rats start getting caught. If you set four traps, and there are four dead rats in those traps after just a day or so, there's a good chance you have a big problem on your hands.

There are a few different types of snap traps these days, with technology getting better, but it’s the old fashioned ones that seem to have the best effect. The traps that are built inside box-style casings can often mean the rats are wary of the new contraption in front of them. However, things can take a slightly different turn if you come across a trap-shy rat. If your rat has seen more than its fair share of rat traps over the months it has lived, and a number of his rat-friends and family have ended up dead in them, there’s a good chance it might be more than cautious. These rats aren’t stupid. We should probably stop treating them like they are.

Whatever rat trap you choose to use, you will want to place it in an area that is rife with rat activity. If you have a room that the rats never go into, for example, you’ll probably find the rat won’t go for it. Even if you were to bait it, it can go undetected by the rodents for a long time. There are plenty of food sources in your home, remember, and it’ll take more than little bit of peanut butter to make the rat leave the safety of the space it’s built up around it.

If you don’t know where the rats are running around, you can use flour to help you. Sprinkle flour on the floor in the areas that you think the rats might be running around, and little tiny paw prints a few hours later should soon give the game away. You might need to perform some trial and error experiments around your home before you work it out, but you’ll get a much higher payout by placing the traps in exactly the right places.

There are quite a few traps out there these days, snap traps included, but we always recommend taking the traditional, old-fashioned approach. Sealing your home before snap-trapping these rats is the only effective solution for a rat infestation problem.

For more rat information, visit our rat removal tips page, or for more specific how-to instructions, read the how to get rid of rats page with 6 step-by-step instructions. If you have a problem with rats above your ceiling in your house, read my rats in the attic guide. The most important part of rat control is sealing shut entry holes into the building, but after you've done that, you'll want to know how to kill rats humanely to complete the rat control job. If you need to hire professional help in your city, click on my directory of over 200 rat removal companies servicing 95% of the USA. we can help your with your rat problem!
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