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What are the Types of Rat Snap Traps

Snap traps are those traditional traps that are commonly employed in killing rats. Snap traps characteristically kill rats in a quick and humane manner as each rat get killed at the same moment that it is caught. Despite the introduction of several other trap types, the snap trap still remains the most popular among homeowners because of its relative ease of usage, affordability, and availability in the market. Other types of rat traps include electric traps, cage traps and adhesive traps.

The rat snap trap consists of a simple method of fixing a snapping mechanism (usually made with a heavy steel bar that is capable of breaking the back of unfortunate rats) onto a wooden or plastic platform. The trap must be baited if it will record any success in trapping rats. An attractive bait is placed on what is called the trigger plate and once the rat attempts to remove this inviting morsel, the snap mechanism goes off and clamps down on the rat, killing it instantly in most cases. The dead rat can then be disposed of properly.

Types of rat snap traps
Depending on the manufacturer, snap traps come with different names, some of which are: easy-to-set trap, tri-kill trap, quick-to-set trap, and so on. They also come in various designs and with different modifications, but there are basically two types – the wooden and plastic snap traps.

1. Wooden rat snap trap
This is the real traditional presentation of snap traps. A jaw-like snapping mechanism is mounted onto a platform that is made from wood. It is applicable for both indoor and outdoor use, thereby making its usage universal. While it is very effective in catching and killing rats, the wooden snap trap is not very easy to set, especially for first-timers. Moreover, any careless handling of the trap could result in injury for the person setting it.

2. Plastic rat snap trap
Here, the snap is fixed onto a plastic platform. It is also good for both outdoor and indoor use, and its advantage over the wooden rat snap trap is that it is generally easier to set. It is also cheap and readily available.

Finally, snap traps are meant for killing one rat at a time, there are no multiple kills. They are however reusable, they only need to be cleaned before being used again.

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