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Do rats bite sleeping babies?

We feel that we should put the record straight when it comes to the myth that rats often attack and bite sleeping babies. A rat will not attack anything unless it feels the need to. A rat may very well get closer to a baby because of the warmth the baby provides, and also because it is a tad curious, but the chances of that rat seeking out your baby to “eat” it, is slim to none.

Rats would much rather run away and use their ample abilities to escape a fight. They don't want to stay and fight you - a human - because you are much bigger than they are. They know this, and they also know that they will probably come off worse if it were a case of you versus them. That’s why they choose to run away - they can swim, dig, and climb their way out of most situations. What would be the point of putting their life on the line?

If a rat and baby were to be in the same room and the baby were to chase after the rat, managing to get it cornered in a room, yes, that would more than likely lash out and attack. This is a defensive attack, however, and not a predatory one. Much like you would attack the rat in order to keep your young safe.

Although the chances of a rat attacking your baby are slim, we would always recommend keeping the two very much separate. You definitely do not want babies and rooms mixed together, not just for the attacking concern, but also for the worry about the spread of disease. Many of the diseases that rats can carry are much more dangerous to those who are young, and also those who are elderly too.

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