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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

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RAT TRAPPING & REMOVAL: Orlando Rats offers professional trapping services of all kinds to accommodate all situations. From trapping rats in the attic of a home, to catching them safely in your kitchen, to larger commercial trapping jobs, Orlando Rats can handle it all!

POISON: Orlando Rats does NOT offer poisoning services. This section is merely included to educate you as to why poison is not a good option for rat control. Click here to learn more about how poison won't solve your problem, and will only create new problems.

ENTRY POINT REPAIRS: When rodents are entering your home, either due to damage they have created or merely architectural flaws, repairs should be made to permanently keep them out. Our repairs are made with steel, and we guarantee our work against re-entry for a full year.

DEAD RAT REMOVAL: A big part of our job is dead animal removal. More often than not, the dead animal is a rat, killed due to poison or natural causes. We are the absolute best at finding and removing dead rats. No one will work harder, and our success is second to none.

ATTIC CLEANUP: Rats leave behind biohazardous droppings and urine when they inhabit an attic or home. They also leave behind their body oils and pheromone scent, which serves as a chemical signal to attract new rats. Attic cleanup strongly recommended.

EMERGENCY CALLS: If you have a rat emergency situation, such as a rat loose in your home or business, and you need IMMEDIATE service, you can call at any time, any hour. We are available 24/7 to help you with your rat crisis situation: 407-538-1694
WILDLIFE REMOVAL: We also perform professional wildlife removal and animal control for greater Orlando. We specialize in humane animal trapping, not extermination of wildlife. We offer the same level of professionalism with large animals and reptiles as we do with rats.

Is it difficult to find how rats are getting in?
The ingenuity of rats may surprise many home owners. These rodents do not need an obvious hole to enter the home. Unguarded drain pipes, vents, unused chimneys, and broken windows are all potential access points for a rat. Before you start an intense investigation of your home, place protective caps and grates over openings that need to remain open for a purpose. Damaged windows or vents should be repaired. Itís often easy to determine where a rat is entering the building. Rats are notoriously greasy and will leave slick discolorations around any area being used for entry. Not only will grease marks be present, marks from chewing will also be a good indication. Another sign of rat activity is the presence of feces and urine. Rats use this type of marking system for scent identification. If youíve discovered any of the aforementioned problems, itís likely that youíve located where the rats are getting in. Finding where they are entering the home is a big first step to solving the rat issue. Once discovered this area can be blocked off. Any rats can then be trapped and removed without the worry of more rodents moving in.
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