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Do rodents like rats feel pain?

Rats are often used in clinical studies and animal testing because it is believed that they do not feel pain in quite the same way that other animals do. Over recent years, this has shown not to be the case, yet little has been done to "save" these rodents from their laboratory lives. Just for the record, it isn't even required for you to use anesthetic when you cut open a rat in a laboratory study. Doesn't that seem a little cruel?

Studies have shown that rats DO feel pain, quite on the contrary to what many of us are led to believe. They do feel pain, and in more ways than one. They feel physical pain, just like every living creature does, and they also feel emotional pain. they are incredibly social creatures, and smart ones too. If you have domesticated pet rats, they can easily be trained, and they are easily upset when they are left alone, with no one to play with.

The same process works in the wild - rats like to be with their friends and family members, and when you take them away from the social group they have built up, they feel sadness, sorrow and longing. Rats that have been taken away from their rat-pals have also shown to be in great distress, and this is why relocated rats rarely survive. They are animals that enjoy being left alone.

Rats do feel pain, in much the same way as humans do, and in every sense of the word. This is why the best way to deal with these rodents is to use snap traps designed for rats. Trapping and relocating the rodents doesn't work because rats aren’t great on their own, and poison takes days and weeks to have an effect. Lethal snap traps deal with the problem immediately, and effectively too. And the animal won't feel any pain.

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