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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Orlando Rodent Control

Orlando rodents is a division of Wildlife Trapper Nuisance Wildlife Removal. We specialize in all aspects of rodent control, and offer the most comprehensive, most professional, and absolute best problem rodent solutions in central FL. Call 407-284-7081 to discuss your problem and to schedule an appointment.

Our Orlando pest control company is fully licensed and insured. We pride ourselves on excellent attention to detail and craftsmanship. Our expertise in the field of rodent control comes from many years of field experience, in hundreds of types of situations. We fully guarantee all of our work, and our job is not complete until the problem is fully solved.

Do you have a problem with other types of wildlife? Wildlife Trapper handles Orlando's nuisance wildlife. If raccoons are stealing pet food, squirrels are living in your attic, or armadillos digging up your lawn, Wildlife Trapper can safely and humanely solve the problem. Just click on the link to your right.

We are not a traditional Orlando pest control or extermination company. We are wildlife, rodent, and rodent removal specialists. We operate in central Florida, including the towns of Lake Mary, Longwood, Winter Park, College Park, Apopka, Maitland, Windermere, and the whole greater Orlando area. There truly is a big difference amongst different companies. Not all companies are the same. Many of the rodent removal companies in Orlando are simply standard big-name pest control companies. These companies only want to sign you up for a quarterly or monthly contract that never expires. That's how they make money, by never solving your problem. They send out an employee every now and then to carelessly sprinkle some poison packets in your attic or set poison stations around the house. This does not solve anything. It merely kills a percentage of the rodents, some of which will certainly die in your attic or walls, and decay, causing an odor problem. New rodents will always replace the old ones, and it's a never ending cycle. Do not hire an Orlando pest control company to take care of rodent problems. You want to hire a rodent trapping and exclusion company. Ours is the absolute best. We solve your problem pemanently. We solve the root of the problem, by finding all the openings that rodents use to enter your home and attic. We seal these openings shut with steel, and make the house 100% rodent-proof. We trap and remove all of the remaining rodents inside, and you will never have a rodent problem again.

The Orlando rodent exterminator did not indicate how long the pest operator and his staff would need to evaluate the 2006 rat population, but Orlando city council members must consider it when voting on 2007 dangerous allocations and rat catching season dates at their organized hearing April 18. The roof rat lethal trap crew declined in Winter Park in central Florida, and in this cluster of urbanized southern units. In most of these units, commissioners have held the dangerous rat allocations steady or decreased them slightly. The 2006 dangerous lethal trap of 6,270 was this 3 percent drop from 2005. The decline was not unexpected because the Orlando city council allocated 2 percent fewer dangerous pest control licenses statewide for 2006. Fourteen units had lower rats lethally trapped in 2006 than in 2005. The Orlando city council must use this calculated estimate of FL Roof Rat harvests because only about 40 percent of successful critter trappers mail in the pre-addressed, pre-stamped FL Roof Rat lethally trap report card provided with every critter catching license. The 2006-2007 estimates are based on 50,099 male animals reported by critter trappers, and 86,833 reported dangerous FL Roof Rat. Commission biologists determine the reporting rate by checking FL Roof Rat at processing plants and in the field, then comparing known rodent traps to report cards received. Lake Mary, most of which lies in Seminole County FL, had the poorest reporting rate in the state. Only 30 percent of successful critter trappers in it mailed their lethally trap report card. Estimates indicate that cage trap critter trappers accounted for 64,820 FL Roof Rat among the total take, and mouse critter trappers tagged 24,800. Maitland pest control companies that we contacted felt that this issue should be an important matter.

I also have friends that operate rat control businesses in other cities. For Austin Rodent Control, call A-Tex Pest. For Phoenix Rat Rodent Control, call Allen Animal. For LA Rat Control, it's All-City Rodent, and for Dallas Rat Control, it's Master's pest, which also has a Houston Rodent Control branch that specializes in wildlife and rodent removal.

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