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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Rat Control For Your Home

We specialize in rodent control within people's homes. Most of the time, people hear the scurrying and gnawing up in their attic at night time. Sometimes rats get into the living area, and gnaw on furniture, or destroy food. We safely & permanently remove all the rats following these steps:

1) Service Visit & Inspection: First, we schedule an appointment to your home (when you are present), and you describe what problems you've experienced, where and when. We then investigate everything. Attention to detail is vital. We do a full inspection of the exterior of the home, from ground on up, including the roof, every single vent, roof line, soffit, etc. We also do a full inspection inside the attic to confirm the presence of rats, and assess their numbers, amount of activity, and travel routes.
2) Trapping & Removal: We do not use poison, which is ineffective, and which will only lead to smelly dead rats, and which will never solve the problem. We trap ALL of the rats living in your attic and home, and remove them all. Our expertise at identifying rat travel routes and our willingness to set very high numbers of traps in the most difficult to reach areas sets us apart in Orlando and ensures total rat control. See our trapping page for more info.
3) Repairs to Entry Points: This is where the true skill sets in. In our detailed home inspection, we will find all of the areas rats use to get into your home. We will present you with a full report of our findings, as well as a repair/prevention estimate sheet. Some homes are simple, and only have a couple of easy to repair entry points, but some homes, due to architecture, condition, roof type, etc can involve difficult and extensive repairs. However, we've seen it all, and will seal every entry point, and back up our work with a guarantee.
4) Attic Cleanup: If you have rats in your attic or home, then you've also got everything rats leave behind, including droppings, urine, body oils, hairs, and the diseases that go with it. Not only that, but rats, with their poor eyesight, use their scent as a means of establishing travel routes. The pheromone odor that they leave behind serves as a signal to new rats, telling them where to go. Once rats have established this scent, it will linger and attract rats for years to come. Check out our attic cleanup page for details.

I also have friends in other cities that service these areas: Chicago Pest Control is my friends Dan and Ben, and Boca Raton Rat Removal is my friend Patrick, and he also services Fort Lauderdale Pest Control as well. These friends have trained under me, and are excellent at rat control. I'm also a friend of Joe who owns a Phoenix Pest Control company that frequently deals with Roof Rats in buildings.

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