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Will repellents get a rat out of the attic? (none work well)

There are a number of things that you can do to ensure you have a rat-free home, but the one thing that is pretty much guaranteed NOT to work is a repellent or a deterrent? Why? Because rats are not animals who will be easily deterred. If they want to get inside your property and live there, and they find a way to get in, they will do. You will need to be smarter, and one step ahead, in order to prevent a rat problem, and even more so to get rid of rats once they have already invade your home.

There are so many things that people have used over the years in order to repel rats, and here’s a few that we have successfully proven DO NOT work:

Hawk and owls - fake decoys
They look good, but they’re just not enough to get rid of rats. The rats will soon realise that these birds are not moving, and if they aren’t moving, they are just not a threat. The sight of a fake bird might scare the rats away for a couple of days, but they’ll be back, and with a vengeance too!

Ultrasonic sound emitters
These are machines that give off sounds that human ears aren’t meant to hear, but many humans can actually hear them. The rats aren’t meant to like the noise that is given off by these high-powered devices, but all you’ll find they actually do is waste the electricity it takes to run them. You can buy them for a number of wild animals - rats being just one of them - but the fact of the matter is this - they rarely work. If they do work, they will only work for a short period of time. Also: the second you stop using the device, the creatures will come back … So, what’s the point?

Cat urine
Okay, so cat urine might actually work in getting rid of things such as rats and mice, but these days, rats actually manage to live successfully in households that also have cats, and a wide range of other household pets too. If they are living quite comfortably alongside a cat in a house, cat urine isn't going to keep them away. Plus, cat urine really stinks. It's not a scent you will want lingering around your home.

Mothballs are designed to keep moths away, not rats, so we’re not entirely sure where the moth ball myth stems from. Some people have had luck with this rat repellent method, but again, the success stories seem to be few and far between. Rats generally are not bothered by mothballs in the slightest. Also: if moth balls actually worked, all homes would be using them and no properties would have a rat problem!

Ammonia is dangerous and should be placed in the same category as poison - the category of rat removal and repellent methods you SHOULD NOT attempt. This is a poison, and the fumes are not just dangerous to rats, but to other household pets, animals, and even humans too.

Mint leaves
There are lots of animals and insects that are meant to be repelled by mint - spiders are one of them, and rats and mice are said to be another. In our experience, planting or placing mint leaves around your home does nothing but leave it smelling nicer. We can’t speak for whether or not it gets rid of spiders, because that's not our area of expertise, but we do know that it doesn't work to get rid of rats, mice, or other wild animals.

In short, these rat repellents that you come across - very few of them actually work. They usually prove to be a waste of money, and time too. In the time you spent buying that repellent or deterrent, and then placing it down, getting it to work, etc. you could have hired a professional, or laid traps, and the whole problem could have been gone by now.

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