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Repairs To Rat Entry Points

If you have rats in your home or attic, they are getting in somewhere, and usually several places. In order to keep them out permanently, all of the entry points into your home must be completely sealed and rat-proof. This is the area in which we truly excel, and it is why we are the best. We perform an extremely detailed inspection of the home in order to find every single entry point that the rodents are using. We use our years of experience in order to locate those tricky areas that rats can squeeze into - areas as small as 1/2 inch, and we seal them correctly.

BEFORE: Rats could enter the home through this wire hole behind the kitchen stove.
AFTER: I seal the hole and install metal flashing to keep rats out permanently.

All of the trapping, poisoning, deodorizing spray, etc. in the world isn't as effective as physically restricting the rats from entering the building. Repairs are an essential part of rat control work, and the part that requires the most expertise and experience. Believe me, we've been on jobs in years past in which the problem couldn't get solved - until we found that last impossible to find and seal area. We have seen it all, and we know how to find and seal every spot. Some companies just want to be lazy: they set a few traps, or worse, set poison. Even the companies that say they can seal the holes usually overlook many, many areas and do an inferior job. Get it done right, and your problem will be 100% solved - PERMANENTLY.

Click on any of these 4 examples of the thousands of repairs we have done.

An un-screened roof vent opening.
A chewed-through ridge cap end plug.

A hole where a pipe enters a soffit.
Open gaps a the perimeter of a tile roof.

Only after the building is sealed shut, with steel repairs, should you bother to start the rat trapping. Learn advanced rat trapping tips and techniques. And for your own good, click here to learn why you should never use rat poison! It's the worst choice you can make in rat control.

Common attic entry points of rats or mice - There is no one place that rats or mice enter an attic. Wandering around your attic with a light and a can of foam spray will not usually solve your mouse problem. Rats can squeeze through openings less than an inch wide, and mice even smaller. The internal structure of your home is a conglomeration of joints and open spaces, making it ideal for mice. Because of infrastructure of a home, mice need one hole anywhere on the building to slip through. Once they are in, mice can travel almost anywhere. There are some common entry points in an attic, however. Vents are prone to damage from the weather and from tree debris. Most attics have a ventilation system to promote air flow. If a mouse has entered through the attic itself, there is a good chance one of your vents needs to be replaced. Some attics have open eaves as well. Check the outside of the eaves for any breaks or cracks. In reality, checking the outside of your home is more important than examining the inside. A mouse came from nature. Somewhere there is an opening that let them inside. Find and seal any holes along you home, no matter how small. Even if a mouse could not slip through today, that doesn’t mean he might not be able to slip through tomorrow. Learn more about How to Inspect a House for Rat Entry Holes here.

Best way to avoid rats in home - There is only one way to prevent rats from entering your home: keep your home in good repair. Rats and mice enter buildings through holes in the exterior. If no holes exist, you will never have a rodent issue. Holes can develop naturally and are not always from an animal actively seeking refuge. The materials used to build homes are not created to last forever. Weather stripping, insulation, sealants, and tar will all begin to break down after prolonged exposure to weather. And don't forget that they can enter via the plumbing. Read about rats entering building through plumbing here. Surveillance of your home does not have to take place every day. Depending on where you live and the volatility of your environment, you may have to do an inspection every week or every month. You may be able to get away with only checking after storms. No matter what your regime, home health is the only completely effective way to keep out rodents. There are no repellents on the market that will take the place of an impenetrable building exterior. Rats live outside and they outnumber people. There is no way to eradicate the rat population, so the best you can do is to secure yourself against it.

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