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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Do relocated rats survive? (no, they perish out of their usual territory)

You do a lot more than just “relocate” a rat when you trap it and then release it back into the wild. You take it away from its home, its family and friends, a source of shelter, food, and water too. You may have taken a mother away from its babies.Those babies will most certainly die without their mother. The rat will most certainly die after you have released it either way.

Rats are used to living in the shadows of people - eating from our garbage cans and generally scavenging whatever scraps of food we leave behind. They hide in our attics or crawl spaces, or sometimes in the corner of our garages. They even live in the sewers. They don’t come across their biggest predators while they are hiding down there, or in the depths of your home. These predators include those in the sky - hawks, eagles, owls, that kind of thing, as well as those on the ground - dogs, cats, and then moving on to more wild animals such as raccoons, coyotes, etc. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and there’s a good chance that your relocated rat will die within just a few days, if it even lasts that long. It won’t be used to the predators it finds out there in the big wide world, and it won’t really know how to deal with them either. There are no drain pipes for it to run down, no attics to hide in. It won't have a source of shelter, a source of anything, so by releasing the trapped rat into the wild, you are essentially signing the rat’s death warrant.

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