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Diseases caused by rat urine

We have bad news for you, folks. Rats in your home or work building is not pleasant, but it's for many more reasons than you first may have thought. You know that rats can bring with them many diseases, because you've been told this by parents, grandparents, everywhere on the internet and on social media. But what you don't know, or probably don't know, is that many of the diseases passed on by rats to humans are actually passed on by way of urine. Sadly, this isn't something that you will easily spot when walking around your home.

Rats pee as they run, so that threat of disease will be wherever the rat has been. Not only that, but the rodents can easily spread the bacteria that cause many of these diseases as they run too. If a rat were to run over or through a water bowl on the floor meant for your pet dog or cat, for example, the bacteria could be left in the water which your pet would then drink. The pet would have ingested that bacteria, maybe invoking a disease in the process, and the same thing could happen to you - a human. If you were to drink or eat from contaminated items, you too could be subjected to that threat of disease.

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The most dangerous disease that is passed on to humans and other animals by rat urine is called leptospirosis. This is generally transmitted by way of contaminated water and food, and has some pretty awful symptoms, particularly on those who already suffer with a weakened immune system. The initial symptoms usually pass for flu and the common cold, however, and this is what can make it particularly dangerous. It won’t be immediately obvious that you are suffering from anything other than a common cold or flu, and you may not even be aware that you have rats in your home yet. If that is the case, connecting the two is quite a difficult task, and the diagnosis of your disease will usually take some time. This means that treatment is delayed. In this time, the disease can be doing some pretty nasty damage to your body, and this can include damage to vital organs, including the kidney and liver.

A rare condition, but one that can prove deadly, is HPS, or Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. This is another of the diseases that rats can pass to humans via rat urine, and is a condition that mostly affects the lungs. It usually materializes with those cold and flu-like symptoms, once again, and if left without treatment can be fatal. Anyone who comes into contact with rats, or rat urine (which can be all around your home), can potentially be coming in contact with the HPS virus. This includes you, your partner, your kids and even your household pets.

There are less serious and more common conditions that can accompany rats and rat urine also, and these include “food poisoning”, also known as salmonella. If you’ve ever had an odd case of food poisoning at home, it might not have been that chicken you ate the night before that was to blame. It could be that you, or items around your home, has become contaminated with the bacteria that causes salmonella. The symptoms that come with the condition are as you can imagine - a very upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, etc.

These are all things that you will need to take into account when you are clearing up after a rat pack has moved in. You will need to protect yourself, as well as your home and your family, and this means doing a proper job with the clean-up operation.

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