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Do rats hide from humans?

Yes, rats do hide from humans. They know you aren't happy about them being in your home, although they probably don’t really understand why. It's not as if you ever use your attic space, or even go up there, and that's why they have chosen that particular spot to set up a very comfortable little nest. They'll often head for those areas of your home that you neglect, even by accident. If you do have a rat infestation in your home, it is likely that the infestation will be in one or more of the following areas:
Crawl spaces
Wall cavities
Underneath stairs / porches
In garages and outbuildings

As we’ve already said, the reason these rats break into and set up nests in these areas of your home is because you don't often go there. If you don't often go to those spaces, you won't notice a rat infestation. Because of that, they are often left to their own devices for a rather long time, and it is only when you have multiple rats in your home that you'll start to notice the signs. Usually these will come in the form of rat droppings lying around, or perhaps even hearing them scuffling and scratching about in the attic above your head at night.

Rats DO hide from humans, and for the most part, they do it pretty well. They are quite determined and stubborn creatures, and once they have figured out there is something worth breaking in for, they won't give up until they have actually gotten in.

It is their climbing and jumping nature that makes the attic one of the most affected spots. They use trees, fences, and even things such as pebble dashing on the side of the home to get to the roof, and from there, the rodents can usually find a small spot of damage that they can work on to make big enough to slide right on in.

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Basements are just as bad, being on ground level. In fact, in some places, the bottom of your home can be even more affected than the top, because these rats are generally known for their burrowing and digging nature. You will usually use your basement to store things too, and in some cases, this can mean food items, such as larger bags of cat and dog food. You should check thee areas regularly. You may find that there are nibble marks on the bottom of the bag, and after a while, you'll notice the food disappearing at quite a staggering rate too. This is a surefire sign that more rats have joined the party. This is not a good thing for you - you will need to trap all of those rats now, and then dispose of them correctly.

Rats will hide anywhere that they can fit, and they can fit into spaces only about an eighth of an inch across. They'll use their nose and whiskers to work out whether or not they can squeeze through the gap, and if they can't, they'll move right on by until they find a spot that they can fit through. If they have the time, they may even stop and work on that spot, trying to tear it open with their sharp teeth and claws.

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Rats will hide from humans, and that's what makes finding them and getting rid of them almost impossible in some cases. There is always a way, however, and you just need to know how to do it. Give the professionals a call today. We'll give you some free advice to help yourself in the case that you don't need us to turn up.

For more rat information, visit our rat removal tips page, or for more specific how-to instructions, read the how to get rid of rats page with 6 step-by-step instructions. If you have a problem with rats above your ceiling in your house, read my rats in the attic guide. The most important part of rat control is sealing shut entry holes into the building, but after you've done that, you'll want to know how to kill rats humanely to complete the rat control job. If you need to hire professional help in your city, click on my directory of over 200 rat removal companies servicing 95% of the USA. we can help your with your rat problem!
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