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Does poison make rats thirsty and die outside (NO. This is a myth)

If you have heard that using poison to get rid of rats is a good idea because it makes them thirsty, head outside, and then eventually die, you’re in for a ride awakening. This will not happen. In fact, quite the opposite is likely to happen. There’s a much higher chance that the rat in your home will eat the poison, head back to its nest, which is probably somewhere in your home, and then die, and even then, that’ll be after a few weeks. Poison takes a long time to work, quite on the contrary to the statements the poisons are marketed with.

Often referred to as rodenticides, these poisons are made up of one vital ingredient - an anticoagulant. This is not something that will kill the animal immediately, so you will often find that the rat will need to come back and eat small doses of the poison over time before it has any effect.

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The effect it does have isn’t pleasant either. The anticoagulant in the poison you are using causes the rat’s blog to stop clotting, while other active ingredients cause tiny ruptures and spots of damage in the capillaries (tiny blood vessels). The mixture of the two means that the tiny capillaries within the rat will start to leak, the blood won’t be able to clot, and the rat will start to bleed internally. As you can imagine, this isn’t something that happens overnight. In fact, it has been shown to take a number of days, and in some cases, even weeks, before the poison starts to show any effects at all. This is because rats will not gorge on one food as it finds it, instead preferring to take small doses to “test” whether or not it is suitable to be eaten. Learn more: Are rats dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

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