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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Do rats dig holes? Do they burrow under houses? How deep?

Rats are keen diggers, and that’s not all they are good at. They can dig and burrow alongside other escape-skills, including swimming, running, fitting through small spaces, and even climbing. They are actually rather talented animals. They often outsmart humans.

Once upon a time, before humans took over almost everywhere on earth, rats would have lived in burrows beneath the ground. They would have dug around rock piles and fallen logs, offering some protecting from predators and the weather elements, creating complicated and intricate burrows. These trails and tunnels would have contained pheromones, left behind in the urine of the rodents, and this is what they would have used to communicate with each other. Rats are very sociable and talkative creatures, and they will often leave messages telling fellow rats where they can find food and other important things. They will also leave these pheromone messages to begin mating.

If you have rock piles or fallen logs / log piles in your garden, there is a chance that an animal will use it to begin their burrowing. This is why we would always recommend that you have a good tidy-up of your land. If it’s not a rat that chooses that spot as its home, it will be another - a skunk, perhaps, or even raccoons and opossums. We are taking away a lot of the places these animals would usually have lived, and they have responded to that by moving right in alongside us.

As well as choosing rock and log piles, rats will also burrow in areas of dense vegetation, and also in and among bushes. There is usually one hole or spot that is used as the main ‘door’, with three or four smaller exits leading off somewhere. Think of these like the rat equivalent of a fire escape, except they’ll be escaping predators and each other rather than flames.

If you have lots of rats in your garden, or one rat that is doing an awful lot of moving around, you will start to notice “runways” in mud and patches of grass. This is where the rodents are running around the most, much like humans carving out a pathway of bare mud in grassy areas. You will often find rat droppings along these pathways too - they do their business as they run along.

Rats do dig holes, and they are very good at it as well. If you have rats digging holes and burrows in your garden or on your land, it is only going to be matter of time before they’re getting into your home.

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