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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

What does rat feces look like? Where is it found?

Rat feces looks very much like mouse feces, but just a little larger and more rounded-off in size and shape. In fact, rat feces also look a little bit like a grain of rice, but brown. The darker the poop, the fresher it is, and sometimes you may even find that it has some color in it too …

If you are using poison, that poison usually contains a dye - blue or orange. If the rat eats that poison, you can check to see by checking out the color of the poop the rat leaves behind. If it has been tinged with a blue / green or orange, depending on the color of your poison, you can see that the rat has been eating what you’ve been setting.

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Even if you haven’t put rat poison down (which we would NEVER recommend), you might still find that your rat feces is a slightly “off” color. This could be a sign that other households in your neighborhood are putting poison down. Your rat is also eating someone else’s poison.

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If you have rat feces in your home, or any other feces for that matter, it is a clear sign you have an animal infestation. If the animal is not present now, it has been, and it more than likely will be again. It means that there is a way for these animals to get into your home, and that is what you now need to focus on. You need to find these holes and seal them up, preventing other rats, and even other wild critters, from walking right on in.

Rat feces can be found everywhere that the rat will run, and that’s because they just ‘let go’ wherever they feel the need. You will find large quantities of rat feces in areas of high activity, and the more rats you have, the more poop you are likely to find.

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