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Do rats attack human necks?

You may have read on the internet somewhere that rats attack human necks, and we’re here to bust that myth. There are many reasons why the rat wouldn't be aiming specifically for your throat and the first of these is that these rats have the poorest sense of sight. It's definitely not one of their biggest strengths. They can only see blurry images, and scientists also believe that they are colorblind. When you think about things logically, if the rat were to go for your throat, it would be because that's the smallest part of your body - light would shine in at either side of your neck (unless you have hair covering it), and that's what the rat is aiming for. It's poor eyesight does allow it to see a beam of light, and the poor thing is just desperately trying to escape.

You know what the human way is, however, and it won't be long before a story that innocent turns into something much more drastic. You should be happy to know that rats generally DO NOT attack humans in any way, and they definitely aren't making a bee-line for your throat.

Rats are wild animals, and just like most other wild animals, it will attack if it has been backed into a corner. If you were to trap a rat, it would probably be quite angry. If you were silly enough to put your fingers anywhere close to where the rat can get to them, there's a good chance you're going to get bitten or scratched. The rat has no option. It is desperately trying to escape, and it thinks by attacking you, it might just succeed. It doesn't really understand how a trap works, but it is scared and doing whatever it needs to, to try and stay alive.

Of course, if a rat were to come across a homeless person in the street, there’s a little chance a small confrontation might happen, but this would only happen if that particular rat were to be especially brave. It is in the rat’s nature to scamper away, not stay and fight it out.

Despite confrontation being unlikely if you come across a rat, we would never suggest having a one-to-one battle with any rodent, and particularly this one. There are a number of rather dangerous and nasty diseases associated with rodents such as mice and rats, and these are diseases that can affect both you, your pets, your children, and even other local wildlife, even as far as farmyard animals. The repercussions of a rat infestation spread far and wide, particularly if you live in either residential areas, or agricultural areas. Brown rats tend to be the worst culprits in heavily populated human areas, but black rats are driven out to the more farmyard spaces. Both of them cause a very serious problem if left to their own devices, and this is very much the case whether the rats attack you, or even come anywhere close to you, or not.

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