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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Pest Control Orlando Prices for Rat Removal

We provide an excellent value. We are widely understood to be best at permanent rat control in the state of Florida, and also the most reasonably priced. There is no good reason to hire a company other than ours. The people who hire us demand the best, and don't want to pay some big-name pest company several hundred or thousands of dollars over time for useless poison control, nor a big-promises small company for inferior work. We are truly the best We will solve your problem permanently and quickly, often within days, for a final total price much lower than the other, less effective, companies in our field, and give you a guarantee on our work. We do not lure you out with cheap promises then suddenly bill you a shocking amount, like many of our competitors do.

Because some of our competitors have been using our posted pricing against us, we have removed it. But all you have to do is call 407-233-3838 or 407-956-1268 and I'll give you an exact price quote over the phone. In general, a rat job probably won't be less than $600 total, and the average total job seems to be around the $900 range. Some jobs, which require a great deal of work and many service visits, will cost more. For example, many homes around Disney are massive, requiring the work of 4 homes combined. Never hire anyone who offers a free inspection - they will sound nice on the phone, then in person use heavy pressure tactics and then give you a bill for $4000 or more.

Remember, this price is for a permanent solution to a rat problem, which is NOT something the majority of pest control companies provide. You will never have rats again. It is a one-time cost. It involves extensive work, with expert building repairs and several service visits. On every job, we do the following:

Service, Inspection, & Trap Setup This is the initial process for all rat control jobs. It covers the general business and insurance that protect you and ensure quality. It includes a scheduled visit to your home, an extremely detailed inspection of the building & roof, as well as a detailed attic inspection, plus setup of all the traps throughout the attic.

Return Trips to Property After the initial service trip, 2-3 more trips are required to check all traps, remove all trapped rats, and monitor the situation. We will know that the problem is solved once all of the scratching noises have stopped, no new rat sign (droppings, gnawing, etc) is present, and no new rats are being trapped. The typical rat control job requires 2 of these return trips.

Entry Point Repair Every single situation, and every single building is unique. The rats are getting in - that much is for sure - and only the best, most detailed & secure repairs will keep them out for good. At the time of our initial inspection, we will prepare a rat-proofing & repair sheet outlining exactly what repairs are needed, as well as the cost. You will receive this up front for your approval before any repair work begins. Some buildings need only minimal repairs, for a minimal cost. However, some buildings do require extensive repair work, and will be priced accordingly. See our guarantee page.

Attic Cleanup Remember, rodents leave quite a bit of biohazardous waste in your attic and home, in the form of droppings and urine. Their body oils and other odors serve as a chemical signal that will attract rats for years to come. Eliminate this odor with our attic cleanup service. We will clean the droppings and treat the affected area with a decontaminating and deodorizing agent. Some people should have cleanup, but it's not necessary in all cases. Price depends upon level of contamination and area treated. We will provide an estimate prior to work.

Emergency Calls
In the case of a dire rat emergency, such as a rat on the loose inside your home at 2:00 AM, we will come and assist you, at a price generally higher than the standard service fee. See our emergency page for details regarding this service. I may not be available at all times.

Remember, most Orlando pest control companies use poison, which may be cheaper during the first visit or two, but it NEVER SOLVES THE PROBLEM. The pest control companies want to sign you up forever, so they can keep taking your money. That's why they don't solve the problem - they want you on their quarterly rodent poisoning plan. Our services are a permanent solution, for a one-time fee. This is very important when you are considering Orlando pest control prices for rat removal.
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