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Do Rats Enter a Building Through the Plumbing?

Yes! Rats can and will enter a building through plumbing work that is broken or uncovered.

Plumbing generally consists of a system of drains, fittings, pipes, valves and fixtures that are installed in a building, and through which distribution of water for drinking, washing and removal of waste is made available. We know that rats are capable of squeezing themselves into any opening as long as their heads can fit into it, thus they can enter into a building through the plumbing.

It should be noted however, that they rarely do so as they rather prefer going in through other less stressing means. It is in instances of food scarcity and not seeing any other way, that they take the pain to force themselves inside through the plumbing. They may even feed on the fecal particles just to survive.

When a plumbing work is characterized by high water flow, like in toilets or bathrooms, Norway rats are more likely to enter in through there because they are good swimmers and the water would not bother them. Black rat species, on the other hand, would have difficulty passing through such pipes. Norway rats have also been known to hold their breath for up to 5 minutes while inside water. They can be in water for more than 48 hours without dying. These guys are the ones to guard your plumbing against!

Black rats are the main suspects when it comes to entering through rooftop plumbing systems. They are very good climbers due to their strong claws with which they can hold on to any surface.

Thankfully, most of the modern plumbing materials in the market these days are made in such shapes that do not allow for rats to climb or swim through them. They are often slippery and curved, thereby preventing easy passage for rats.

To guard against this possible entry point for rats,

- No plumbing opening must be left uncovered, they should be sealed off with caps or lids.

- Water outlets should be covered by water-proof gauze that would only permit the passage of water.

- In the case of broken pipes or drainage, they should be repaired as soon as possible to forestall a rat invasion.

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