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I found this rat in an attic under insulation
Cut a hole under the bathtub for this one

I cut a hole in the ceiling to get this one
I cut a hole in the wall where it fell down

This rat got electrocuted behind a stove
Another rat behind an oven - hard to find

Found this one behind the refrigerator
Found on a ceiling tile - dollar shows size

How do you know if there's a dead rat or mouse in your house? The first indication of a dead mouse in the house is the smell that comes from all decaying tissue. Because tiny organisms are breaking down the flesh an animal, these organisms excrete waste gases just like any other living creature. The result is the unpleasant odor most people associate with death. Determining what type of animal has died in your home can be tricky. When it comes to smaller rats or mice, however, the task is not as difficult. The larger the animal the worse the smell and the longer it takes to subside. A single, dead mouse will not create a potent odor that fills the entire home. One mouse will likely stink up a specific location for a few weeks to a month. Larger animals will create odor problems for months at a time and will make an entire home smell like rotting flesh. If the odor youíve detected is strong but seem to be limited to a small area, chances are you have a dead mouse or smaller dead rat in your house. Examination of the exterior of your home can also provide clues. If there are no openings large enough for a bigger mammal to enter, a mouse is still the likely culprit. Either way, you need to find and remove the carcass, and this is not an easy task.

Flies from dead rats in house - Flies are a sign of the natural progression of the decomposition process. Once a body begins to decompose, odors create by the microorganisms breaking down the tissue inevitable lure in flies and other insects. Flies will lay their eggs in a decaying body so that the maggots will have adequate food to eat while they mature. If flies have reached a dead rat in your house, that means there is a hole to the outside that still needs to be repaired. Flies like easy access and will not crawl far into the interior of a home to lay eggs. The presence of flies means the body is somewhere near the exterior of the houseóor you have an enormous hole somewhere providing entry. The only way to get rid of the flies and the smell is to remove the carcass. Removal of the remains is only one step in the process of damage control after a dead body has started to decay. Any surfaces that have come in contact with the dead tissue will need to be cleaned, sterilized and dried or the smell will linger. If you just remove the dead body and donít repair the hole or remove the affected materials, flies will still be drawn to the house by the smell alone.

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