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Stray cats, or feral cats as they are known, are very common in Florida. I only deal with cats in rare, specific scenarios, such as:
  • Cats living in an attic - kittens in wall
  • Heavy cat population at place of business
  • Assistance in spay/neuter trapping
  • Dead cat on property or in attic
I rarely deal with cats. Normally, if someone says the word dog or cat, I tell that person to call the County Animal Services. However, there are some cases that the county can't handle, and I step in to take care of these specific cases.
  Stray Cat

Stray cats are very much like many other wild animals - they're truly wild in behavior, and nothing like domesticated cats. They successfully hunt and kill their own prey, they make homes to live in, and they survive out in nature without any human assistance. In fact, it's often human assistance that only makes the stray cat population higher - some ignorant people leave out cat food for strays. This is not a good idea, because any time people leave food outside, it creates animal crowding, it increases the chance for spreading disease, it creates dependent animals that are helpless without free food, and it artificially inflates the animal population beyond what nature can support. Thus, if the free food stops, the animals suffer. Even if the free food continues, well-fed cats breed and produce young, the population explodes, and then all are left with less food to share, and all suffer. People should never mess with the natural food balance. Don't feed the animals!

Examples of Stray Cat Jobs I've Done:

#1 A hotel had a big stray cat problem. Dozens of cats living under the dumpsters, roaming the hotel grounds, hanging around and begging near the restaurants and swimming pools, and even scratching one of the guests. Plus spreading fleas. The hotel didn't want all of these stray cats, and the county only offers to loan one trap at a time. I was called in to remove the cats. I caught many of them in humane live cage traps and brought them to the County Animal Services.

#2 An apartment complex had a building in which many cats were living in an attic. Upon my first inspection of the attic, I saw six, and there were probably many more. The attic stunk of cat feces and urine, and the people living in the apartment had trouble sleeping with all the cat noise in the ceiling. I set traps on the roof and caught and removed all the cats, and then after they were all out, I sealed shut their entry point and cleaned the attic.

#3 Someone's pet cat got stuck in the duct work under a home. The county animal services won't go in an attic or under a house or anywhere else risky, due to liability (or possibly the effort and expertise involved). So I came in and crawled under the house and cut open the duct and saved the cat for the owner.

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