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Orlando Florida is full of snakes! There may be 30 or so species of snakes in the area, although only ten or so species are common. I most often deal with the following scenarios:
  • Snake in the house or porch
  • Snake in the swimming pool
  • Snake prevention services
  • Homeowner scared of snake on property
The truth is that venomous snakes are rare. However, some people fear snakes, and demand that I capture and remove them. I do so humanely.
  Florida Snake

Snakes are reptiles. It's true that some species are venomous, but the fact is that the majority are not. However, many people are uncomfortable around, or even have a phobia of, snakes. Because snakes are so thin, they often enter buildings and homes. Sometimes they can smell the cooler air inside, and are looking for a nice place to live. Sometimes they even smell rats in an attic, and climb up and in during a search for food. Most commonly, I deal with snakes inside of houses. I've caught snakes in attics, cut them out of walls, and removed plenty from bathrooms, kitchens, and of course screened porches. Sometimes people call me to remove snakes outside.

Can You Provide Snake Prevention? Yes, I do offer snake prevention services. Please be aware that it's often impossible to permanently keep snakes off of a property 100% of the time. However, I can limit the presence of snakes, discourage them from nesting on a property, and I can 100% guarantee against them actually entering a home. First I inspect the home and identify all of the areas that snakes can use as entry points, and I seal them shut. This service will also help keep out insects and rodents! I often install weather stripping under the gaps of doors, and things like that. If snakes have been found in the home, I set snake traps in the home, and if they're outside, I set snake traps outside. I do apply a special biologically based snake repellent (NOT MOTH BALLS OR SULPHUR, WHICH DON'T WORK) and I eliminate attractive habitat areas. For example, many species of snakes love to den under gaps in concrete slab, and I seal such areas.

What Should I Do if I Come Across a Snake? First of all, don't panic. Second of all, just leave it alone! It won't attack if unprovoked. Just back away. If the snake is inside your house, call me. If it's outside, just leave it alone. Call for my prevention services if you don't want snakes on your property. Please do not try to capture or kill the snake. Almost all cases of snake bite occur when people try to mess with snakes. Also, be aware that most snakes are gentle and will only bite if picked up or harmed. Some venomous snakes will stand their ground and attack if approached, but it helps to know which ones are venomous and which not.

Which Snakes Are Venomous? In central Florida, there's four venomous species: 1) The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake 2) The Cottonmouth, or Water Moccassin 3) The Eastern Coral Snake 4) The Pigmy Rattlesnake. They are all fairly easy if you know what to look for. The Diamondback is a large, thick rattlesnake with a loud rattle and a huge head and a diamond pattern on its back. The Cottonmouth is a very thick snake, brown banded when young but dark as an adult, and it's almost always around water. The Coral Snake is Red, Yellow, and Black. The Pigmy Rattler is small but thick, with a tiny rattle.

What are the Common Snakes in the Orlando Area? The most common is the thin, sleek, and fast Black Racer. The brightly colored Corn Snake is also common, as are the Eastern Garter Snake, the Yellow Rat Snake, the Ringneck Snake, and the Banded Water Snake. Most thin snakes, with the exception of the Coral Snake, are non-venomous.

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