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It's true that the real rodent culprits in Orlando are Roof Rats (rattus rattus). For more info, just browse the main website. However, some mouse problems do exist in Orlando:
  • Mice in Attics
  • Mouse in the House
  • Mice chewing on items in garage
Mice, like all rodents, like to chew, leave droppings, and like rats, they like to live in homes and in warm, dry attics. They scratch and scurry and make noise and spread filth and pestilence.

In the photo, we see both a rat and a mouse that I caught. You can see that the rat is larger - that much is simple. But there's other subtle differences. The mouse does not have the dark, scaley tail, and it's got a brown belly, and the feet are not quite as long. Aside from that, they look very similar, and the best indicator, by far, is size. Mice are really small! They're quite a bit smaller than baby rats even. Adult mice barely even weigh one ounce.

House Mouse Info: When people call me for mouse control in Orlando, they are usually mistaken. They have not actually seen mice, they have seen small rats. For some reason, many people feel more comfortable saying the word mouse instead of the R-word. Perhaps this is because people believe that rats are more commonly associated with disease and filth. This may be true to a small degree, but mice are in many respects very similar. They have high metabolisms, poor vision and a great sense of smell, great balance and climbing ability, they breed prodigiously, they don't live long, they gnaw on things, they poop everywhere, they contaminate food, etc. Each litter of mice is about 5-6 young, and a mother can have up to ten litters per year.

Mouse Extermination in Orlando The most important part of the mouse control process lies in finding the areas that mice can use to enter a home. If the problem is mice in the attic or walls, or any part of the house, the key is to find out how the devil they're getting inside in the first place. They are great climbers, so they can crawl all over a house and the walls and roof, and they can sniff out any open holes, and go inside. Or they can chew their own way inside. In order to solve the mouse problem, I must find every last area that mice can use to enter a home, and seal off these areas, permanently, with steel. Once all the holes are shut, the house is mouse-proof, and no more mice can get into the house again. Then it's just a matter of trapping and removing the mice inside, and the problem is solved. This is the proper way to get rid of mice in Orlando or anywhere. We are the best mice exterminators in central Florida.

Mouse Trapping In order to get rid of the mice, you must trap them. Do not resort to the use of rodenticides or poison. This only scratches the surface of the problem - it doesn't kill all of the mice, just a few - and those mice that poison does kill may die in the attic or walls of the home and cause a very bad odor. We set mouse traps inside the home and attic, in a safe manner, and physically trap and remove the rodents. It's important that many traps are set, and that they're set the right way and in the right areas - the heavy traffic pathways in the attic are the best areas. If you need professional mouse trapping, give us a call.

Mouse Diseases Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is a rodent caused virus that can cause severe respiratory problems and even death. Hantavirus is spread through the urine, saliva and feces of rodents, including, or even especially, mice. Humans contract the disease by breathing dried particles of their urine or feces. Droppings of mice can cause salmonellosis or leptospriosis. In addition to diseases, mice can bring in ectoparasites and cause food contamination. Furthermore, scientists are now finding out that rats and mice can produce asthma and allergies in the same way cockroaches and dust mites do.

If you need mouse removal in Orlando, or control of mice in attics or in walls, give us a call for an inspection, and we will take care of your rodent problem once and for all.

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