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Moles are very common in Florida. Mostly, it's the Eastern Mole. Moles live under the ground, and the only real nuisance problem they cause is because of their digging. People don't like:
  • Surface tunnels or ridges all over the lawn
  • Piles and mounds of dirt all over the yard
  • Ground feels "squishy" due to tunnels
Many people take great care of their lawns and landscaping, and are dismayed to see tunnels and dirt piles all over the place, and wish to trap and remove moles from the property.

Do You Trap Moles? The only real way to solve a problem with moles is to trap and remove them. In fact, if your yard is full of tunnels and dirt mounds, it's probably the result of a single mole's activity. Moles have a very high metabolism, and they are very active - the can really dig! They are also largely territorial. Thus, you've probably only got one mole in your yard, but that one mole can really make a mess of things. To solve the mole problem, you've got to catch and remove the mole. This is usually accomplished through the use of lethal traps, such as spear traps, scissor traps, or underground clamp traps.

I don't really do mole trapping. I used to, years ago, but I don't like it very much. It's not fun for me, and I'm not that great at it. Thus, I don't provide mole removal services in Orlando Florida.

How Do I Prevent Moles? I don't think that there's any good prevention method. If your yard has dirt and earthworms, then it's good enough for moles. There's no way to eliminate the food supply, the earthworms. There's all sorts of gimmicks out there: various mole sprays (often made of castor oil), high-pitch sound machines, and so on. Alas, none of them are effective.

Moles are small mammals that are cylindrically shaped and, which adapt to a subterranean lifestyle. They have small eyes and ears, which are almost invisible. Their limbs are powerful, and their paws are large and oriented for digging. The term mole is usually used to refer to the true moles, which can be found in parts of North America. Male moles are referred to as boars, while their female counterparts are called sows. It should also be noted that a group of moles is called labour.

Characteristics - When compared to other mammals, moles have been found to be more tolerant towards carbon dioxide. It is for his reason that they can breathe extremely well underground. They can tolerate carbon dioxide more than other mammals, because of the special hemoglobin protein in their blood cells. In addition, moles have the capacity to re-use the oxygen they inhaled earlier, thus, being able to survive underground, even if they are in burrows that have low levels of oxygen. Another characteristic that should be noted about moles is that they have an extra thumb on their hands. The extra thumb is known as the propollex and is situated near the regular thumb. It should be noted that while the other digits or fingers of the mole have various joints, the extra thumb only has one bone, and it, therefore, develops differently and later, than the other fingers.

Diet - Moles primarily like to eat earthworms and other small invertebrates that can be found in soil. They have also been seen to eat some nuts. They like to make traps for worms and can sense when a worm falls into the tunnel, since it immediately runs to kill and consume it. Moles have the capacity of storing their prey while they are still alive for later consumption, through the use of their saliva. The saliva has been established to contain toxins that can cause paralysis in earthworms. In order to store their worms, moles have been established to construct underground larders. It has been established that the larders can have thousands of worms in them. Before the earthworms are consumed, the mole pulls them between its squeezed paws, which forces earth and dirt out of the worm’s gut. According to research, moles can detect, catch and eat food in under 0.3 seconds. They have been stated to do all this in less time than can be followed by the human eye.

Pests - In some areas, moles are regarded as pests and can be killed on site. They have been known to cause problems like contamination of soil, damage to agricultural machinery by exposing stones and damaging young plants by disturbing the soil. However, it should be noted that contrary to common belief, moles do not eat plant roots. They only cause destruction of the plants by disturbing the soil. Moles can be controlled in a variety of ways, which include use of mole trappers, poisons and smoke bombs. Another common method used to control moles is Talunex tablets, which are inserted in the mole tunnels.
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