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Professional Dead Animal Carcass Removal Orlando & Central Florida

Orlando Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal is an important part of the services we perform. Oftentimes animals live in homes and die inside homes, causing the following problems:
  • Terrible odor problems
  • Potential health risks
  • Maggots and hatches of flies
  • Carcass attracts new animals
If you have a terrible stink inside your home, it could be a dead animal in the walls or attic, and we can remove it for you and deodorize the area.
  dead opossum

We commonly remove animals that live in the attics and walls of homes. However, many people don't properly address their animal problem in time, and the animals die of natural causes in their home - your home. Oftentimes people only call us once the situation has become really dire - an animal has died in the home, and the odor is terrible. A dead animal in the house can make living there unbearable. I've been to several homes in which the tenants moved out because of the strength of the odor. A rotting animal in the wall or attic can be completely nauseating.

The most common dead animal that I remove is roof rats. They are very common in Orlando's homes and buildings, and they rarely live longer than a year, so they commonly die inside of buildings. Just one rat can stink up a whole house. Dead rats smell awful. One of the reasons I do so many dead rat removals is because people often poison rats in an attempt to solve a rat problem. This is not a good idea. The rats will often die inside the attic or walls of the house - they don't go outside near water to die, that's a myth. If a rat dies down in a wall, I have to find it and cut a hole in the wall to remove it. It's not an easy job, but I always find it, cut only one hole, and fix the hole I've cut.

The other most common animal to die is the opossum. Opossums don't live very long either - usually a max of three years. They love to live in the attics of homes or under houses, and they seem to prefer to die in enclosed areas. Opossums are larger animals than rats, so the smell is much stronger. A dead possum can make a home unbearable to live in. Even when the animal dies under a home with good ventilation, it stinks up the whole house - and when an opossum dies in an attic or down a wall, watch out!

I also deal with other dead animals from time to time, including dead raccoons, dead squirrels (very common in attics), dead birds, and more. I usually get dead animals out of homes, but if you have a dead carcass on your property, I can provide animal carcass removal in Orlando Florida as well.

The most effective way to get rid of the odor is to remove the carcass. That solves 99% of the problem. After removal, open the windows and air the place out. I also spray a special fluid where the body was, to remove the odor of rotten juices. Some people use an ozone machine, but that's not necessary. You just need to remove the dead animal body.
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