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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Jacksonville

Miami Rat Removal and Extermination


Miami is loaded with rats, which can chew on electrical wires in the attic.
We trap and remove all the Miami rats and mice out of the attic for good.

For professional rat removal in Miami, done the correct way, with full exclusion (sealing the entry holes shut) and trapping, with permanent results, call Kevin's team at 786-257-0335. He is my recommendation for the best rat control in Miami FL.

Miami Rat Control Tip:
How to poison rats - You should not want to learn how to poison rats. Poison is not something to be used by the average homeowner for rodent control. Not only are rats notoriously intelligent and cautious, they are scavengers. All of these qualities make rats poor targets of poison. Since rats are used to eating anything and everything, the rodent must be hungry enough to want to taste the bland block of toxins. If you do manage to have a rat taste the item, that may be all that ever happens. Scavengers survive because they only sample their food. Once a bite has been taken, the rat will wait to see if it gets sick. If the rat does become ill, it will never go near that food again. Because of the way poison works, many rats will eat it and then avoid it in the future. Not only are rats difficult to poisen, another reason to avoid to use of these chemicals is because of what happens to the dead rats. Rats that die will rarely die in plain sight. Most of these animals crawl into the bowels of the home and then expire. Rat bodies will eventually decay and create a horrible smell. This potent aroma can only be removed is the carcass is found and disposed of.

Miami Rodent Control Email:
Hi David, I was thrilled to find your website. After 23 years of no rodent problems, our garage recently became a haven for rats. My husband caught 4 this spring with the snap traps and replaced the garage door seal that had been chewed. Unfortunately we found more droppings last week and after spending 3 days of taking everything out of the garage we discovered rat droppings everywhere, in the rafters, in any open containers. We’ve caught 2 more rats and continue with many traps and have sealed every possible crack and space we can find. We’ve pulled out almost everything-a huge chore with all our kids things, etc. We threw away a lot of items and I’ve bleached sprayed what I can. Many items are still sitting outside to air out. My question is-what can we do with the items that are difficult to disinfect? (My husband has buckets of tools and power saws, sanders, etc). Carpeting? Will viruses die after a certain amount of time? Thank you for your help, we’ve lost sleep over this mess, Vicky
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