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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Humane rat traps

Right, we’ll get things out the way nice and early - there is only one really humane way to deal with a rat infestation, and that's using snap traps. We know, we know, this isn’t the humane approach you had hoped for, much preferring a trap-and-release mission instead. Sadly, released rats rarely survive when you set them free again, and that humane approach won't seem quite so humane after all.

There are other traps available on the market. It’s awash with live cage traps, for example, which, as we’ve established, are not humane at all. There are trip-traps which will capture the animal once it crawls enough inside to grab the bait. Most rats won't be foolish enough to climb through a metal tube to get to bait. Sadly, they’ve gotten a lot smarter than that.

Rat “family” traps are a great idea in theory also, but you’re relying on the fact that more than one rat is going to run into the trap. If you manage to capture the babies and use them as bait, you might stand a chance with this type of trap, but there's a good chance that you’ll only capture one rat at a time, or you won’t catch any rats at all because the trap is too big for them.

“Trap in a box” style traps are great for when you want a covered option that kids and other animals can’t get themselves involved with, but then you're left with the alive rat business, and as we've already discussed, released rats in a new habitat don’t survive long … Plus, you'll need to get up close and personal with the animal when you trap it alive. Do you know how many diseases are associated with these animals? You don’t even need to touch them in order to put yourself or the rest of your family / household at risk either. Their faces and urine are just as dangerous. Did you know that?

These days you also have electronic rat traps too. These are like a bug zapper, but for rodents, which is every bit as inhumane as it sounds. They're not designed for use outside, which means they will be IN your home WITH your pets and kids too. When the rat enters the boxed unit, a trip is set off, and the footplate will then electrocute the rat. It is designed to kill the rodent.

Although these are pretty advanced these days, and are animal and kid-proof as well as easy to set up, you may find (once again) that the animal doesn’t actually die, and is instead just maimed. That leaves you with the responsibility of killing it, which we're sure you don't want.

That just leaves you with snap traps. They result in a quick, no-suffering approach to rat removal, and one that is easy to follow, easy to set, easy to use, easy to dispose of, and also relatively inexpensive too. It’s often the oldest approaches that works, and when you use these snap traps with a seal and repair mission around your home, you will soon find your home (or commercial property) is rat-free.

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