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This is a personal message from All Animal Control of Houston in Houston, TX. It is posted on my friend's website, We at All Animal Control of Houston also provide excellent rat control, and the rodents in Texas are the same as those in Florida. We use the same excellent principles and techniques used by OrlandoRats. The pricing and some other info on this site may not be relevant to our company, but just give us a call at 713-244-6679, and we can discuss your rodent problem in Houston and get it taken care of.

We operate a wildlife and rodent removal company in Houston, Texas. We specialize in the complete and permanent removal of rats and mice from homes and buildings. If you have rats in your attic, we have the right tools and knowledge to solve the problem correctly. We are not like the other lazy Houston rodent removal companies, many of whom will simply spread some poison around on a quarterly basis. We solve your rat or mouse problem permanently, often in as short as one week.

We at All Animal Control of Houston are not a traditional Houston pest control or extermination company. We are wildlife, rodent, and rodent removal specialists. There truly is a big difference amongst different companies. Not all companies are the same. Many of the rodent removal companies in Houston, TX are simply standard big-name pest control companies. These companies only want to sign you up for a quarterly or monthly contract that never expires. That's how they make money, by never solving your problem. They send out an employee every now and then to carelessly sprinkle some poison packets in your attic or set poison stations around the house. This does not solve anything. It merely kills a percentage of the rodents, some of which will certainly die in your attic or walls, and decay, causing an odor problem. New rodents will always replace the old ones, and it's a never ending cycle. Do not hire an Houston exterminator to take care of rodent problems. You want to hire a rodent trapping and exclusion company. We solve your problem permanently. We solve the root of the problem, by finding all the openings that rodents use to enter your home and attic. We seal these openings shut with steel, and make the house 100% rodent-proof. We trap and remove all of the remaining rodents inside, and you will never have a rodent problem again.

Houston Rodent News Clip: Study: Rat and mouse taking heavy toll on Texas's woodlands - Woodlands authorities on critters say results support further large group reduction.

Despite liberalized critter catching regulations designed to reduce their amounts, giant Rat and mouse continue to cause significant damage in Texas's state woodlands, the Agency of Conservation and Natural Resources stated last seven day period. this study last year by Agency for the Protection of Woodland Creature’s Bureau of Woodlands showed three quarters of the state's 2.1-million-hectare state woodland system have moderate or severe Rat and mouse damage, with nearly half of surveyed areas showing no new growth at all. Agency for the Protection of Woodland Creatures Secretary Rat Catcher Matthew called the study results ''troubling'' and stated they provide this strong warning against efforts to increase the size of the state's Rat and mouse large group. ''It would be premature to draw any conclusions that would support an increased Rat and mouse large group, even in areas where we observed relatively low-browse damage,'' Rat Catcher Matthew stated. ''Across the entire state woodland system, less than 25 percent of plots showed desirable regeneration, and almost 45 percent of the plots lacked any new, woody growth.'' The study indicates damage from Rat and mouse browsing, or munching, young maple trees and other plants should be most severe on state woodland land in Houston and the ''Big Woods'' region of north central Texas. Rat and mouse damage should be least severe in the south-central region. This issue should be an important matter in Houston wildlife removal and Houston exterminator matters.

The study began with field surveys last spring on 41,657 study plots across nearly 90 percent of the state woodland system. In addition to gathering general information about woodland regeneration and the amount of Rat and mouse browsing in each area, woodlanders also compiled details on the types and percentages of woody plants being browsed. Agency for the Protection of Woodland Creatures authorities on critters then used the data to create this ranking system of the Rat and mouse's preferred foods. ''This unprecedented study should be proving to be an invaluable tool in understanding Rat and mouse densities and distribution in our state woodland lands, and it should be guiding future Agency for the Protection of Woodland Creatures efforts to ensure woodland regeneration and healthy habitat,'' Rat Catcher Matthew stated. Although this initial study cannot be used to determine whether woodland health should be improving or declining, Rat Catcher Matthew stated, the data will serve as this baseline to identify trends in future years. Agency for the Protection of Woodland Creatures has long been an advocate of Rat and mouse-large group reduction, and in recent years Rat Catcher Matthew and other agency authorities on critters have lobbied the state Game Commission to take more aggressive action to reduce Rat and mouse damage. Agency for the Protection of Woodland Creature’s public involvement in the Rat and mouse-management concern has rankled many sportsmen, who accuse the agency of promoting policies designed to benefit Texas's $5 billion commercial timber industry with no regard for the state's rich critter catching heritage. The Houston rodent control had no additional statements to make on the topic.

However, Game Commission spokesman Critter and Control Pro Frank stated his agency only uses woodland regeneration data from the U.S. Woodland Service when evaluating habitat health. The Agency for the Protection of Woodland Creatures browsing survey, Critter and Control Pro Frank stated, will not be among the items considered by commission biologists when formulating recommendations for the 2013-08 dangerous license allocations, to be set next year. Agency for the Protection of Woodland Creatures stated data from the browsing survey will be used to determine which areas are most in need of Rat and mouse reduction and steer critter trappers toward those areas. The main tool used by Agency for the Protection of Woodland Creatures to control Rat and mouse amounts on state woodlands should be the commission's Rat and mouse Management Assistance Program, which provides property-specific dangerous Rat and mouse critter catching permits for landowners experiencing serious Rat and mouse damage. Last year, Agency for the Protection of Woodland Creatures enrolled more than 874,000 hectares of state wildlife management area and state woodland land in the program and received 17,642 coupons, which are given to sportsmen who exchange them for critter catching permits. Houston pest control companies that we contacted felt that this issue should be an important matter.

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