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Home remedies to keep away rats and get rid of them

Looking around on the internet to find home remedies to keep away rats and get rid of them is probably going to be a rather useless exercise. In fact, we can list the “home remedies” you’ll probably come across right here:
- Black pepper
- High frequency noise machines
- Radios
- Sensor lights
- Lemon juice
- Animal eviction fluid
- Peppermint
- Ammonia
- Mothballs
- Cayenne pepper

Now, let's take a peek at why these things do not work ...
Black pepper, cayenne pepper, peppermint and lemon juice - these apparently keep the rats away because they don’t like the taste and smell. For the record, these are rodents who will eat human, cat and dog feces because they occasionally still have some nutritional value, so a few foul-tasting foods and seasonings probably won't put them off too much.

Some homeowners have had great success with things such as cayenne pepper, and it is true that rats have shown not to like the hot stuff much, but the rats soon learn that there are other tasty treats in your home beyond the barrier they have come up against. They have worse things to deal with ‘in the wild' that a few hot pepper flakes.

Ammonia is a bad idea, much in the same way as poison is, mostly because it's dangerous for the rest of the environment / wildlife. Ammonia is toxic to humans, so it's definitely going to be toxic to neighborhood pets, and if the ammonia does work, there's a good chance the rat will just burrow deeper into your home to get away from the toxic stuff.

The thing about repellents is that there is nothing out there that has been proven to have any success. Some people might have luck with one thing, whereas other people say that its never worked. It's too much of a trial and error situation to put your faith into it, especially when you're talking about parting with your hard earned cash.

There is only one safe and affective way to rid your home of rats, and it all starts by finding the root of the problem. In this case, finding out how the rats are getting in, in the first place. Once you know how they're getting in, you can seal up the holes and repair any patches of damage that need urgent attention, preventing any other rats coming along for the ride. From that point, it is simply a case of finding the right places to put your traps, the right bait to use in them, and then checking them regularly to dispose of the little rat bodies you find captured in them.

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