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Will homeowners insurance pay for rat damage? (not usually)

You will need to have a good read through your homeowners insurance policy documents before you start relying on the insurance to pay out for rat damage. The thing with a rodent infestation is that it is often caused by the total negligence of a homeowner. If that homeowner were to tend to their property thoroughly, ensuring that holes are sealed and patches of damage are repaired, the rats wouldn’t be able to get into the property at all. It is because of the homeowners negligence that the rat infestation generally happens.

That’s the way that the insurance company will look at things when you try to claim for a rat infestation and the subsequent damage. If you had kept up with necessary maintenance of your property, the rats wouldn’t have gotten in. If you had been keeping an eye on your home, you would have noticed the infestation. You would also have noticed the damage. If the destruction is that bad, the repair bill can fall into the thousands of dollars, and sometimes even more that. The damage these rodents can do is just as long as the list of diseases they can carry, and you will not have a good time trying to repair it all.

In short, homeowners insurance will usually not cover you for the damage that a rat infestation can cause, and you should regularly check your home for signs of disrepair. If you aren’t sure where to start, give us a call for some free advice. We’ll share some of out 32-point inspection process with you - a process that has been guaranteed to do the job very effectively.

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