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Do rats hibernate

Rats do not hibernate, but they certainly don’t appreciate the cooler weather. They have a tendency to go inside when the temperatures drop, and that’s why you may be forgiven for thinking these rodents sleep their winters away. Just because you don’t spot them, however, doesn't mean they’re not there. There’s a good chance the rodents that you once would have spotted outside in the summer have now moved their way inside, and it might even be into your home or commercial property.

Attics, crawl spaces, areas underneath porches and basements, and even in garages and outbuildings are all common spots for rats to hide out, and during the cooler weather, when they can long safely live outside, they move things in. There are more sources of food in these warm human homes than there are outside, and that’s half of the reason they head on in there.

On top of that, rats generally sleep most of their day away anyway. They nap, rather than bulk-sleep, and they can nap away up to 75% of their daylight hours. During the night they are most active, and this is the same for during the winter and during the summer, although they are much more easily tempted out of their warm and cozy spots during the summer if there is a stash of food to hoard from.

Rats do not hibernate, but they do tend to be slightly less active during the winter. It’s not a good sign - they’re just snoozing away above your head in the attic instead.

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