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How to keep rats out of my garden

Right, let’s get things straight - you CANNOT keep rats and other rodents / wild animals out of your garden. The only way you would ever be able to do this is with an electric fence that is ridiculously high. You know - the kind of security you would expect to find at a prison.

Rats and other critters will pass through your garden from time to time, and that’s just the way of the world. The trick is to make your home as less appealing as possible to them, so that they are encouraged to stop, take a closer look, and then break in.

What encourages a rat (or other animal) to come and take a closer look? Food. Water. Shelter. The three things you want from your home is also what a rat would want from its home too. That’s why they’re so persistent when it comes to breaking in, and then staying in.

In order to keep rats out of your garden, you should make sure you’re eliminating those three things. Take away the source of food and water, and then seal up all holes to eliminate the entrance to shelter, and you’re taking away the things that rat is coming closer to find. If the rat can’t get into your home, or it doesn’t find any food that it likes the look of, it will simply move on - passing through your garden and more than likely breaking into someone else’s home.

You won’t ever manage to keep rats out of your garden entirely, but by making your home as unattractive as possible, taking away the things that the rats hunt for the most, you can take away the risk that the rat might then eventually break in.

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