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How to get rats out of the garage

Rats in the garage is bad. Let’s just clear that one up nice and early. Rats can cause a serious amount of damage in one garage, and coming hand in hand with that damage are genuine risks to human life. We’re sure you don’t want your family to be in danger. There are a series of questions you must ask yourself if you have rats in the garage:

1 - How are the rats getting in?
You need to find this hole and then seal it, using a combination of materials to give you the best fighting chance against these chewing and gnawing animals. We would recommend using drywall with a layer of steel or copper mesh wire wool in the center, or layering materials with woven hardware cloth. The rats will still be able to chew through, but once they get to the metal-based materials they are tunable to chew any further. It has also been noted that rats do not enjoy chewing through metal, and some homeowners have had great success by stuffing rat and mouse holes with aluminum cooking foil. Rats can chew through drywall, house bricks (over time), plastic, and wood. These are not durable or strong enough to use against rats.

2 - Where is the rat activity most centered?
You will need to know this so that you can place your rat traps in the right places. Rat places has been shown, time and time again, to be the most effective way to get rid of rats. It might not seem like the most humane option, but when compared to “humane” live cage traps, poisons, and glue traps, it really is the most humane option for everyone involved.

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To find out where the rat activity is highest, use flour sprinkled on the ground. Rats tend to run close to the wall - alongside skirting boards, for example, so sprinkle mostly in these areas. When you come back the next day, tiny little paw prints will give you the clues you’ve been waiting for. Where you see the most paw prints, set the traps.

3 - Have you set enough traps?
It doesn’t matter, set some more. Make sure that no other animals - your cat or dog, for example - can get into the garage, and then go trap crazy. The more traps you set, the higher the chances you will trap a rat, but you must make sure the garage has been entirely sealed first. Make sure all household members know to avoid the garage too. Rats in the center of the garage are likely to be ignored. Rats placed against walls have the best shot.

4 - Are you checking the traps regularly?
Someone will need to check those traps on a regular basis, not only to ensure they are still all set correctly, but also to ensure there is enough bait. It is not unusual to find some bait missing, but the trap still nicely intact. This can happen - rats and mice are getting smarter / trap-shy. If you find dead rats, dispose of them safely and immediately. There are many disease threats present in the carcass of the animal, long after the animal itself has died.

5 - How are you going to dispose of the rats?
You cannot throw these rats in the garbage outside with the normal trash. As we have previously discussed, there is still a very big and serious threat of disease in the bodies and biological matter left behind by these rats. You will need to make sure you are disposing of both the rat, and any material / items the rat has been in contact with, safely and effectively.

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