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How to exterminate bats with poison and fumigants

Thinking of killing your bat problem off with poisons and fumigants? Before you do this, there are a few things that you should probably know. Not only will these snippets of information make your life easier, but could also save you from a hefty fine and even some jail time.

1. Killing bats in illegal in many states. There are actually environmental regulations and laws that mean the bats are protected so by killing them with poisons and fumigants, rather than using a professional animal removal expert, you are going to face massive fines, as well as potential jail time. Is killing a bunch of bats really worth it?

2. Poisoning or using fumigants isnít necessary, and you will more than likely find that it wonít even help. Do you really have all of the information necessary to kill an entire colony of bats? What poison are you going to use? How much are you going to use? Is this going to be safe for your family and pets?

3. Sticking with the theme of poisons, there are actually no registered poisons out there to cull bats. This means that you are going to have to research the internet. Will you really trust that story you read that rat poison, or something that contains chlorophacinone really works? How much of the poison did they use? Was this per bat, or is this for a colony of them? How many bats were within that colony? What about the antifreeze story? How much of this did they use?

4. Have you thought about what you are going to use as bait? Bats arenít stupid animals, and to be honest, with their diet, it is going to be very hard to put bait down to actually poison the creatures. What are you going to do; track down a bee and place poison within it, hoping the bat will then eat it? Be sensible about this Ė poisoning the bat(s) is going to be no easy task.

5. What happens when you have actually killed the bats? In reality you are not going to have a single clue where the animal has actually gone to die. This means that you are going to have to do some serious digging around your home in order to find the corpse and in this time, the animal may have started to decompose. This means that your home is going to smell and the corpses are probably going to attract rats and other pests; giving you a much bigger problem on your hands.

6. Bats are actually GOOD animals! They eat the insects that bite you and drive you mad, in some cases up to 1,000 per hour. This means that all those mosquitoes and bugs you canít stand are kept under control by these fragile creatures, and as horrifying as movies have made them out to be, bats are actually very fragile animals and mean no harm to humans whatsoever. Would you really want the death of these cute little critters on your conscience? Or worse Ė hundreds of them?

At the end of the day, there are NO registered poisons or fumigants for bats, which gives you some idea of how dangerous and illegal it is to use these methods to remove them from your home. Is it really worth all of the hassle we mentioned above, plus a whole load more to avoid calling the professionals to remove them properly for you?

This is a photo of a Florida bat control project. First off, bats are NOT EXTERMINATED. This is illegal, and an ineffective way of performing bat control. Do NOT look for an exterminator for your bat control needs. Bats should be professionally removed by a licensed wildlife removal company that specializes in bats and can demonstrate, with references, bat control expertise. Remember, bats are valuable animals - they are an important part of the ecosystem, they eat a tremendous amount of insects, they reproduce slowly (one baby per year) and they live a long time. No one should kill bats. Besides, killing them is not a solution to your bat problem. The proper method of removing bats from a building involves not killing them at all - the bats have to be able to exit the building, and must be alive to do so on their own, and out of one-way exclusion devices. If the bats were exterminated, or killed somehow in the building, that's be a biohazardous disaster, and a terrible odor, and illegal. Do not exterminate bats. We provide bat removal all over the state of Florida, including: Tampa Bat Control - I do many bat projects in Tampa and Hillsborough County each year. Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Sarasota, etc.

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