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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Frequently Asked Questions About Rat Control

If you have any questions, you can call us at 407-233-3838 any time, or e-mail us.

How Many Rats Are There?
Most homes contain only a few rats. If we do our job correctly, and correctly "rat proof" your home (permanently seal off 100% of entry points) then only a few rats will be trapped and removed and the problem will be solved. In fact, in about 10% of cases, all of the rats are outside already when the home is rat proofed, and zero rats are caught and removed - but the problem is still solved, because the scampering and chewing noises have stopped. The record from one house by us is 27, but this was an old rotting home in which the entryways could not be sealed.

Do You Guarantee Your Work?
Yes, we guarantee all of our rat-proofing exclusion repairs for one year from the date of work. In 95% of the homes that we deal with, you will never see or hear another rat in your home again. However, some homes are vulnerable to rat entry. If you have an older home with rotting wood, new rats may chew a new area and gain access to the building. Or perhaps you have had construction done on your home, or a lovely hurricane comes and tears part of your roof off, and rats are able to enter. We cannot guarantee against factors beyond our control. See our guarantee page for details.

How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have?
Experience does count. We have been performing rat control for about four years. However, this does not mean that we are less adequate than some old-timer who has been at it all his life. A better question is: "What is your success rate?" Extremely high. We are confident that we are the absolute best with the highest success rate in the industry. The key is our attention to detail and our devotion to our work. We don't want to let down a single customer - believe me, the worst phone call I could possibly get would be from a past customer claiming that they hear rats again. We work diligently to make sure that it's done right - the first time.

What Kind Of Damage Can Rats Cause?
Most people call me because they can't stand the scampering and chewing noises that they hear up in their attic. However, the rats are causing quite a bit of damage while they are living in your home. If they are able to enter the living space, they can destroy and contaminate your food. I've seen them chew on rugs and furniture and woodwork. However, in the attic, they commonly chew on wires and wood, (see damage photo page) and worst of all, they leave behind a tremendous amount of biohazardous waste (see contamination photo page).

How Much Will This Cost?
This is a specialty service, and if you hire us, you are hiring the best. However, our prices are reasonable, and quite a bit less than many other companies that perform inferior work. Remember, it is the goal of the bug spraying pest control companies to get you to sign a monthly contract - a contract that will costs thousands over time, and never solve your problem. We will solve your problem permanently within days. We also charge much more reasonable prices than other wildlife trapping companies, who often charge exorbitant rates. A not-uncommon scenario for us is to arrive at a house in which another company had quoted over $5000 to solve the problem, and we solved it - better - for a tenth of the price. We are a good deal. For full details, please see our prices page.

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