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Essex Rat Control Rodent & Mice Extermination

VermaKill: 07707 888470

Essex and London are loaded with rats, which can chew on electrical wires.
We trap and remove all the Essex rats and mice out of the attic for good.

For professional rat removal in the entire county of Essex and London, UK, done the correct way, with full exclusion (sealing the entry holes shut) and trapping, with permanent results, call James of VermaKill at 07707 888470. He is my recommendation for the best rat control in the greater London area of the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom Rat Removal Tip:
What if my loft insulation has been chewed into small pieces? - If your loft insulation has been chewed into small pieces you know that an animal was involved in the destruction. Which animal invaded your home remains to be seen. Almost all nuisance animals that invade a loft like to go for the insulation. The fiberglass particles that may bother humans do not bother most wild critters. Chewed insulation will not tell you what species is inside of your home; you will have to look around the loft more for those clues. A huge indicator of what animal is destroying your home is the appearance of droppings left behind. Mice will leave tiny feces, no larger than a grain of rice. Anything larger is probably not a mouse. Rats and squirrels will be your next suspects. Both of these animals leave bean-size droppings. Squirrels will be more haphazard in their waste elimination than will a rat. Rats like to leave droppings in places where they have established routes of travel. If droppings found are larger than a bean and much messier, you may have an opossum or a raccoon in the attic. Most nuisance animals will leave some sort of evidence they have been in the loft. Chewed insulation is probably not the only thing you will see. If the signs are minimal, mice will be the first animal to rule out.

Essex Rodent Control Email:
I have read with interest your advice on rats and found it very useful indeed. We are entering our fifth winter with rats in our walls and loft. Two years ago I brought in the pest control people and, as you rightly say, they have been useless. We are coming to the end of our second year on a contract. We still have rats and the stench from rotting carcasses in our cavity walls is a regular occurrence. I am at my wits end. I have just been into the loft and have round a mountain of rat droppings just by lifting one piece of loft insulation. I am fearful of what else I will find but am determined to follow this through to the bitter end. Therefore I am planning to remove all the loft insulation to see if we can work out where the main rat runs are and lay traps on the main runs if we can identify them. The second stage will be to knock a hole through a basement wall to where we had an extension 5 years ago as I am convinced our problem was caused by builders not sealing off an old drain properly ( which is now under our kitchen extension). In the winter I can hear the rats climbing up the cavity wall which joins on to the new extension. Money is a problem at the moment, as my husband is between jobs, but I am prepared to put all the money I earn into solving this. With this in mind, a final option is to get in a UK equivalent to You! Do you have any contacts in the UK?! We are based in the South- East, Farnham. I would be very grateful for any futher advice or recommendations of UK professionals you can make.

My response: I don't have any contacts in that exact part of the UK. Sorry about that.  I know James of VermaKill in Essex, he can do a great job. Or if you're willing to do some work you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money, but you do have to work hard to examine your whole building, and find out how the rats are getting in, and then seal those entry points shut. It'll just take a lot of investigation, that's all!
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