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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Rat Emergencies!

Yes! I will come to your house at midnight on a Sunday night to catch that loose rat terrorizing your house!

Rat emergencies do happen. I have been on many a late night emergency rat call. Most of the time this involves a rat loose in the home. The rats in your attic are not considered an emergency situation. However, when a rat is darting to and fro inside your home, hiding under your couch or your cabinets, and you just can't sleep knowing that it's there (and that your children are sleeping in the other room), I can come at any hour to remove it. Rat removal inside a home isn't always easy. Over the years I've tried several methods including funnel systems, extensive glue trap systems, trapping methods, etc. However, I've found that the one and only real effective way to get that rat on the loose is to shoot it with a
1000 feet per second air rifle. If I can get just one look at the rat, just a few seconds, I can line up and shoot - with no damage to your home. I am a perfect 23/23 for shooting rats in homes late at night - when I can get a shot lined up. Sometimes the situation is very difficult. Rats can squeeze into tiny spaces, under furniture, inside the back of the refrigerator, behind boxes, etc. If I can't get a clear line of site, I can't shoot it. Sometimes the rat will run away and find a hole to escape out of. Emergency rat removal is difficult. If the rat escapes, the best I can do is set traps and seal the hole it escaped in. Because of the nature of the job and the hours involved, emergency fees are typically higher than standard fees.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 407-284-7081 or 407-956-1268

I also have friends that operate rat control businesses in other cities. For Austin Rodent Control, call A-Tex Pest. For Phoenix Rat Rodent Control, call Allen Animal. For LA Rat Control, it's All-City Rodent, and for Dallas Rat Control, it's Master's pest, which also has a Houston Rodent Control branch that specializes in wildlife and rodent removal.

I do have to say that a fair percentage of the rat calls that I get in the middle of the night come from unsavory clients - usually people of little means, who are both scared and rude, and unwilling to pay. In fact, they seem shocked that they don't get free service, and kind of get mad. Oh well. I'll still be polite when you wake me up, and then say that you can't believe I charge for my services. However, if you're an honest potential customer, who wants to pay for emergency rat removal in the middle of the night, by all means give me a call. I absolutely answer my phone in the middle of the night. It's no problem. I always wake up to my phone. It's odd that the customers who are willing to pay me for my services are usually too polite to call, and the ones who are scumbags and won't pay have no problem calling me. I wish it was the other way around!
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