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How do you remove a rat stuck in a dumpster?

If you have spotted a rat in a dumpster, and you don't want to just leave it there, stuck, stranded and with no way of getting out, you can help it, without the need for getting too close. The reason the rat is trapped in the dumpster is because the edges are smooth - it's not a surface the rat can sink it's claws into for some leverage. When they try to scamper out, they simply slide right back to the bottom again, although they won't give up trying. It might even be quite funny to watch.

In order to help this rat, all you need to do is give it something it can use to scamper out. Alternatively, bait a trap and set it in the dumpster and do the job humanely and properly. If the dumpster is close to where you live or work, there's a good chance that building is straight where the rat will run once you have freed it. We're just letting you know that.

But, if you do want to give the rat a fighting chance, simply place a piece of wood, or some material, anything soft or textured that the rat can get its claws and teeth into, so that it leans out of the dumpster, towards the top. Rats can jump and climb pretty well, so it's probably okay from there, but it just needs a little help getting to the top. Placing that wooden beam or old carpet in just the right place could be all it needs.

If you are going to get dumpster-handy, make sure you are protecting yourself. Do not put yourself in harm's way. Rats carry a lot of diseases, and they will attack if they are cornered … which they will be in that dumpster.

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