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Will a strobing light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on rat? (no)

Two devices that are often used by homeowners in a desperate bid to rid their home of rats are strobing lights and high pitch deterrent machines. They are often marketed as great tools to use in the fight against rats, and although there are some homeowners who HAVE reportedly had great success with the machines, we can say that they generally do not work.

There are approximately one rat for every one person in the United States of America, and because of their high population, and the fact that humans are, quite literally, taking over the earth, rats have had to learn how to co-exist quite nicely alongside us. These rats are living in our homes, in commercial properties, in any place that they can find food, and in order to do that, they're having to put up with a bit of noise and light. No longer considered a "wild" animal, they are quite comfortable living alongside people as long as they get a good meal at the end of it, and nine times out of ten, they do.

Because of this comfortableness around humans, devices that give off light and sound aren't always that effective. In fact, more often than not, they've proved to be a total waste of cash. These machine are usually quite expensive to purchase, and we've seen some in the region of $100 and more, and then you have the running costs. They will generally need to be plugged in. Plus, what happens when you stop using the device. Or are you planning on running it continuously? If you don't perform the sealing around your home - filling those cracks, holes and crevices, the rats would just come back if the machine wasn't running, if it even pushed them away in the first place.

There are many things you can do to prevent rats from entering your home or commercial property, but deterrents and repellents are not the way forward. You should first make sure that you have gotten rid of all piles of garbage and debris that is lying around your property. These often draw in wild animals, so by getting rid of those, you're starting to get rid of the problem. You should then make sure you perform a thorough inspection of the property, both from the inside and the outside. Ideally, you will want to perform two of these inspections - once during the day, and another during the night. The two different types of light - torchlight and natural daylight - will soon highlight any problem areas that you will need to address. Once you have identified the problem areas - cracks, damage, gnawing, missing sections, damage beams and eaves, etc. - you can then go ahead and seal them up. There is no point in setting traps if the holes are still there, because the pheromones in the rats' urine will just attract more of the animals, and then more (also: bigger) wild animals in turn too.

After the sealing process, rats can then be set, and we would highly recommend snap traps. Just make sure you are checking them regularly. Don't worry about the bait either - rats have been known to eat their own feces because of the nutritional value, so I'm sure they'll eat anything tasty you put down for them. Just for the record, we've always had pretty good success with peanut butter.

Deterrents and repellents very rarely works when you're talking about wild animals. You need to remember that many of them are now quite happy to live alongside us, and a bit of noise or some light just won't make the biggest difference to the rat population in your home. Oh, it'll be ever-growing too, by the way. Rats reproduce at a staggering rate, and they'll even reproduce with each other too … They don't recognize incest!

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