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Do rats like cold places?

Given a chance, rats, just like most humans, would much prefer a warm and happy place over a cold and harsh one. Life is really tough in the winter, particularly if you are a wild animal. There is very little food on offer, and water can be hard to come by, with outdoor systems frozen over. Without somewhere warm to shelter it from the plummeting temperatures, a rat would most certainly die from hyperthermia if starvation doesn’t get to it first, and that's before you think about all of the other hungry predators that are looking for something to eat. They are also suffering at the cruel hands of the winter weather.

Rats don’t like cold places because they are not safe places. That’s why, when the weather turns colder, rats start to invade human residences and commercial properties. They aren’t doing it to deliberately ruin your day. They’re doing it for survival. Very few animals would last long with nothing to protect them and nothing to eat or drink in the harsh weather of winter.

Rats prefer warm places, places that are not often visited by other animals and humans. This will often mean places such as your attic, in your crawl spaces, and sometimes even in the deep cavities within your walls. Rats have also been noted in garages and outbuildings, under and in sheds, in the spaces under porches, and in burrows beneath log piles or rock mounds. These places are all safe and warm. They offer the rats somewhere to run when a predator is coming after them. They offer the rats somewhere warm and not flooded with ice cold rain water when they need to sleep away their day. Not only that, your home almost certainly provides them with all of the food and water they could ever dream of. In fact, you can think of your home as a five star hotel or these small rodents. That's why, when they get in, they're so damned difficult to get back out again.

Rats, just like other animals, do what they need to do in order to survive. If they need to break into human homes, they will. They need to ensure that not only do they survive the winter, but also their family and friends too. Rats seldom live alone because they are incredibly sociable creatures, and they have litters up to five times in one year. Well, the females do. In short, there can be quite large families going on without you never having any knowledge of it. That's when rats cause the most damage - when they have been left undetected for long periods of time.

Rats are not a fan of the cold, and when that weather is looming, they will look towards warmer structures, such as human homes, to spend the winter with their families. Make sure you're not providing a bed and breakfast for this rodents by allowing holes in your home to go undetected.

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