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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Chicago Rat Control Rodent & Mice Extermination

North Chicago: 773-295-1230
South Chicago: 815-513-0590

The Windy City is loaded with rats, which can chew on electrical wires in the attic.
We trap and remove all the Chicago rats and mice out of the attic for good.

Although I operate my business in Florida, my good friends Dan and Ben Cassan run their own rat control business in Chicago Illinois. They trained directly with me, and are absolutely fantastic at rat control. It really is a specialty line of work, if one is to do it right. The city is full of pest control and extermination companies that claim to take care of rat problems, but very few actually do a proper job of it. Most of them simply want to poison the rats, and this does not solve anything! Poison is a bad idea, because not only does it fail to kill all rats, when it does kill some, they usually die where they inhabit - the attic or walls of your house, and then they rot and stink. Dan and Ben do it like I do: they solve the root of the problem, by finding and sealing closed every possible rat entry point. Once the building is sealed, and there's no possible way for rats to get in, the problem is solved! They trap and remove all of the rats, clean the attic, and the problem is solved for good. I know the quality of their work, because I trained them myself, and I worked on many jobs with them in Florida, and even for a month in Chicago. I would absolutely hire them for rat control in Chicago before any other company. You can learn more about their services at their Chicago Rat Control Site, or you can call them at 815-513-0590.
Customer Email:

Good day! I don’t know if you remember me, you took over 15 rats out of my attic; which I appreciate.

You came back out a few weeks later, following a call form me that I was still hearing noises. Between my call to you and your arrival a tree hit my roof and opened a hole in it. You determined that “something had pulled back the mesh you had secured”, which “you had never had anything like that happen before and didn’t know what could have performed it”, but left a cage to prevent it form reentering after it exited ; until I could get the hole repaired.

I repaired the hole within a few days and heard noises intermittently at night, but not every night. I called a few times, but caught you each time during a busy time and spoke to someone other than the one who had attended to my home initially.

I am writing now, because the cage is still in place, untouched, and I am hearing more distinct scratching now.

Can you please call me to arrange a time for you to return and make necessary adjustments to the area you initially secured that had been compromised?

Thank you! Alexia
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