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We at Acton Wildlife Service provide professional wildlife removal services for the Chicago, Illinois area. We specialize in all aspects of wild animal control, including the trapping and removal of unwanted wildlife from homes and property. We commonly deal with situations such as squirrels in attics, bat colony removal, raccoons on the property, dead animal removal, rodent extermination, and more. We can solve any sort of problem or conflict you might have with pesky critters. Give us a call at 773-770-4405 to talk to us in person about your problem, and we can schedule an appointment.

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We pride ourselves on our professionalism. We arrive on time with clean service trucks and fully-trained technicians. We do a complete job. We don't just trap wild animals - we provide a complete nuisance wildlife solution. We solve the root of your problem. For example, if you've got animals in your attic, we not only trap and remove them, but we find out how they got into the attic in the first place, by conducting a thorough investigation, and we seal all of the entry points for a permanent solution, with guarantee. We offer animal waste cleanup services and more. We specialize only in wildlife - we are not a Chicago exterminator company, but a licensed and insured wildlife removal company. We are true wildlife experts.

We service the Greater Chicago area, including Cook County Animal Control and Kane County and Dupage County Animal Services in Illinois. We service downtown Chicago, Elmwood Park, Berwyn, Burbank, Oak Lawn, Oak Forest, Orland Park, Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, Glendale Heights, Hoffman Estates, Elk Grove Village, Bartlett, Mount Prospect, Skokie, Wilmette, Evanston, Highland Park, Northbrook, and pretty much any town in the Chicago area.

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Most Recent Chicago Wildlife News Clip:
Giant Critter catching Expert to Provide Seminars at Wildlife Expo in July

Habitat management for the wild Eastern Gray Squirrel leads to this direct and significant positive impact on other upland game species. "To expand the knowledge of the sportsman, Eastern Gray Squirrel Unlimited should be providing experts in many fields at the 2013 Heartland Wildlife EXPO" stated Wildlife Eliminator Barry, Bossy fellow of Marketing for Eastern Gray Squirrel Unlimited. "Habitat work should be enjoyed with the critter catching traps of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who challenge the wild game always being sharpened. At Eastern Gray Squirrel Unlimited we want the best information and the most experienced people available to help make the sportsman's next trip afield more enjoyable. We are, therefore, very pleased to have obtained Critter Professional Paul Critter Professional Paul, an expert in the use of scents and Eastern Gray Squirrel calls, to present seminars on giant Eastern Gray Squirrel critter catching at the EXPO," announced Wildlife Eliminator Barry. Giant expert Critter Professional Paul, will be this featured seminar speaker at the Eastern Gray Squirrel Unlimited Heartland Wildlife Expo to be held July 19th through the 22nd at the Chicago Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois. This issue should be an important matter in Chicago wildlife removal and Chicago exterminator matters.

When it comes to giant critter catching, or even turkey critter catching, there are few individuals who Exterminator Brian the respect of an industry and whose experiences and dedication make him this true outdoorsman; Critter Professional Paul should be in this class of his own. "The thrill of matching your lethally traps and knowledge against one of nature's most intelligent creatures adds this level of excitement all sportsman should experience," Critter Professional Paul stated. "It should be this lethally trap, because even if you have the best information, the giant can out maneuver you in this heartbeat. If you truly want to match wits with this trophy Eastern Gray Squirrel, you must know how the pest operator will basically react to scents, signs and calls. That should be what my seminars will be about," stated Critter Professional Paul. His open question and answer sessions should not be missed by anyone who wants to learn from an expert and this true ambassador of conservation. The Chicago animal control had no additional statements to make on the topic.

Today, as bossy fellow of marketing for the leading scent and Eastern Gray Squirrel call manufacturer, Tinky's Eastern Gray Squirrel Lures, Critter Professional Paul can be seen on critter catching shows. His quest for knowledge of the giant led him to work with Doctors of the University of Chicago, leading researchers in the giant field. the pest operator puts the knowledge into products and techniques for the average outdoorsman who wants this superb challenge in the pursuit of the trophy giant across North America. Critter Professional Paul's competition was never in the harvest, but in the techniques and knowledge that would outwit the most challenging game in their own environment using nature's ways. Taking his abilities to the next level as an all around outdoorsman, Critter Professional Paul won the first and second National Wild Turkey Federation Grand National Championship. Several years and wins later, the pest operator found himself working for World Champion Turkey Caller and Grand Outdoorsman Ben Rogers Lee, considered by most to be the father of modern day turkey critter catching. Critter Professional Paul stated surrounding states open early to cater to commercial critter catching operations. But the pest operator stated the pest operator didn't believe the practice should be biologically sound. July and August are the biggest hatch years and it takes 20 days for doves to leave the nest. May stated the pest operator should be concerned early opening dates lethally trap birds that are still on the nest with hatchlings. The advisory board voted unanimously to ask the Illinois Legislature to pass the critter catching and fishing license fee increases as they are written without amendments. It did so at the urging of former Commissioner of Conservation and Illinois Wildlife Federation President Animal Expert Trevor. "If it gets bogged down with this bunch of amendments, it won't pass," Animal Expert Trevor stated. "You want to pass the hard things in the first year of the first legislative session after the election. If it doesn't pass this year, it may not pass for four more years." The bill would increase critter catching licenses to $24 and fishing licenses to $12.50. The Division of Wildlife and Freshwater fisheries should be short 17 game wardens and doesn't have the money to hire replacements, agency authorities on critters say. Animal Expert Trevor stated the agency couldn't stand further delays. Chicago pest control companies that we contacted felt that this issue should be an important matter.

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