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Do rats eat cheese? Do they like it?

Rats are very adaptable creatures, and the one thing they soon learned to adapt fast was their diet. They can and will eat almost anything in their path, even going as far as remains and roadkill if there is nothing else on offer. So, to answer the question, do rats eat cheese? Yes, they do. They eat virtually everything and anything.

If they were out in the wild, rather than picking at whatever is in your kitchen, they would much prefer to go after the easiest meal. They don't want to waste too much of their time hunting or chasing something, only to maybe not get to eat it at the end. They'd much prefer to wait for another animal to kill, eat their fill, and then leave the carcass. The rats can get plenty of nutrition from that.

For the most part, the rat's diet will change depending on where it is. They like meat as well as plant-based products, making them omnivores, just like humans. They'll eat the human trash that you throw out, the cat and dog food you put down for your pets, nuts and fruits, mollusks, fish, and even birds. They won't turn their nose up at insects, and it is not unknown for rats to eat feces from other animals if it detects some sort of nutrition within it.

These scavengers really will eat anything, so if the subject of cheese is coming up because of a need for bait, it really wouldn't matter what you placed there as long as it was edible. We wouldn't suggest cheese, however, because it will quickly perish. Opt for something like peanut butter instead. We bet you have pretty good success with it, as long as your traps are placed correctly.

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