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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Orlando's Best Rat Control

Evan: 407-233-3838 - Evan is a master wildlife trapper specializing in poison-free and permanent rat control in Central Florida. He is meticulous in his work, and a consummate professional.

Ben: 407-956-1268 - Available at all times, 24/7, works all evenings and Sundays. Ben is amazing. He has the lowest callback rate of any rat control specialist I've ever seen, and also the highest customer referral rate (a sign of excellent satisfaction). He is always available, don't be afraid to call at any odd hours.

We at Orlando Rats have been solving rat problems for Orlando's homes and businesses long enough to have seen it all - including the services offered by most other companies in the area. We are confident that our work is second to none. Here are some of the reasons that we are the best:

1) Permanent Results: If you call any of the dozens of pest control companies listed in the yellow pages, here is what will happen: an employee (not an owner) will arrive at your home with the goal to sign you up to a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly contract - the pest control companies want steady income. Then they will just use poison in the form of bait stations around the home. They don't want to actually solve the problem, because then they lose their contract. Sure, some rats will eat some poison, (many won't) and some of those WILL die inside your home, causing a stench. The problem will never be solved. I've been to so many homes and encountered the same thing over and over: homeowners paid a pest control company for months and months (often more than a year), got fed up with the failure, and then we solve the problem permanently in a week.
2) Safer, More Effective: Most of the other companies in Orlando like to use rat poisons. Yes, poison works on insects, but it's a lazy and ineffective way of dealing with rats. Poison will never kill all of the rats, some of the rats it does kill will die inside your home, and new rats will keep coming and coming. We will not use harmful poisons, but will do it the right way: we trap and remove all of the rats, and make sure that they will never get back in your home again.
3) Full Line of Services: Rat Control is not a simple matter. Many people often ask, "well, isn't there some chemical you can spray to just get rid of them?" The answer is no, and if there was such a product, it would be sold on the shelf right next to the roach poison. Rats are mammals, and the only way to get rid of them for good is through an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution: They must be trapped, and all of the entry points must be repaired, and the areas they have lived in should be cleaned. We offer all of these services, and we give you a guarantee on our work.
4) Better Prices: Rat Control is not cheap, but you don't have to pay a fortune to hire the best. In comparison to the other companies that we've seen in Orlando, we are a true bargain. The monthly contracts that the pest control companies sign you up for really add up over time. And some of the other companies that try to do it right - by trapping and sealing entry points often give a low phone quote, then demand absolutely outrageous prices - we've seen up to $5000 - until we're hired instead, and complete the job (at a higher standard of quality) for much, much, less. See our prices page for details.
5) We Actually Care: Most companies will send out an employee. You don't know who you're going to get: careless kid with high-school or less education? Fat, dirty, middle aged scumbag? If you call us, you will get a fully trained and dedicated, college educated professional with a background in biology; clean, professional, and equipped with all the knowledge necessary to articulately answer your questions. We form good relationships with our customers, and give personal attention. When you call, we will answer immediately: you won't be talking to an operator who doesn't know you, and who will dispatch a different person each time you need help.

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