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Atlanta is loaded with rats, which can chew on electrical wires in the attic.
We trap and remove all the Atlanta rats and mice out of the attic for good.

For professional rat removal in Atlanta, done the correct way, with full exclusion (sealing the entry holes shut) and trapping, with permanent results, call Lenny at 404-609-4280. He is my recommendation for the best rat control in Atlanta GA.

Atlanta Rat Removal Tip:
How to prevent rats in attic - To prevent rats in the attic, look at preventing rats inside of the home altogether. There is only one way to keep rats out of your home, and that is to make sure there is no way for them to get inside. Plugging the holes in the exterior of your home is the most important part of prevention and extermination. No matter what, holes in the building must be repaired. This applies to all holes, necessary or not. Chimneys, dryer vents, attic vents, and open drains all need proper caps or grates. Rats are not picky about where the sneak through. These rodents will use any weakness they find to gain entrance to the home. Preventing rats extends to the property around the home, too. Garbage and edible waste must be picked up and kept in sealed containers. Rats love fruit trees. Being proactive about keeping fruit off the ground will lessen your risk of rats in the yard. Short grass and sparse vegetation will be less desirable for a rodent than thick gardens and un-mowed areas. As a prey animal, rats want to be as unnoticed as possible when they investigate a home.

Atlanta Rodent Control Email:
I believe I have spoken with you before. I am in Atlanta at present and I have tenants in an old lake house on Lake Travis near Lakeway. The house is not sealed well and we call it the Treehouse. It is in a very natural, highly wooded area. My tenants heard what they thought might be rats. Another company came out and confirmed that there is rat feces in the suspended ceiling above the bathroom. We since had professional baits installed and sprayed with Sporicidin. My tenants have a newborn baby and are very concerned as the baby got a bacterial infection. I want to ease their mind and make sure the house is safe. Is there anything you would do differently than we have already done? How much do you charge to clean out the feces? The areas they could possibly be in are about 350 sq ft of suspended ceiling. It is possible they have only been above the bathroom area. My tenant says droppings are falling from the ceiling but I cannot see how that is possible without them moving the tiles. Do you use any products different than Sporicidin and professional baits? How exactly would you clean the area? How thorough would the cleaning be and how safe? Thank you for your help. We want to get this resolved.
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