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Click on any of the below services in order to learn more about what we offer to Orlando residents with wildlife problems. From wildlife trapping and removal, to damage repairs, preventative measures, waste cleanup, emergency services and more, we offer a full line of solutions for your wildlife problems.

Wildlife Trapping

Damage Repair

Exclusion Barriers

Attic & Odor Cleanup

Noises In Walls or Attic

Digging in Your Yard


Dead Animal Removal

Wildlife Trapping and Removal
If you're having a problem with some troublesome wild animal, we can trap and remove it for you. We come to the property, inspect the situation, and set the appropriate traps. For example, if you've got raccoons pooping in your pool, we set 2-3 large baited cage traps next to the pool area. If you've got a raccoon in your attic, we mount a trap on the roof near the entry hole, and use the live baby raccoons as bait if possible. If you've got rats in the attic, we set up to 20 rat traps in the attic, on the rat runways. If you've got armadillos, we set up special armadillo trapping sets on the property. A lot goes into wildlife trapping - from licensing and legal issues, to trap type, bait, placement, safety, concern for the animal's comfort, etc. It's not the type of thing that amateurs should attempt.

Wildlife Damage Repairs
The wildlife living in your home, attic, or property have probably caused some sort of damage. Raccoons may have torn open the soffits, squirrels may have chewed on electrical wires, etc. We identify the damage that the animals have caused and fix it. Our goal is to make your home just the way it was before the pesky critters moved in. If armadillos have dug a hole next to your home, we not only fill it, we install a steel screen underground so that future animals (attracted by the residual scent) don't try to dig there. If rats have chewed open part of the ductwork and you are losing A/C air into the attic, we fix the ducts.

Exclusion Repairs and Prevention
The most important form of prevention when dealing with nuisance wildlife is the repair of holes and the installation of exclusion barriers. If you've got animals breaking into your house or attic, the only way to permanently solve the problem and make the home 100$ critter-proof is to find and identify every possible area that wild animals can use as access to the building, and to seal off those areas permanently. Roof vents, ridge cap plugs, eave gaps, soffit screens, and a whole host of architectural features may be open, or animals may have chewed them open. If you leave the holes open, new animals are just going to move in after the old ones have been removed. We perform all of our repairs with steel and sealant, and we offer a guarantee on our work. The only way to solve problems with rodents like rats and squirrels is to deny them access to these holes, and then trap and remove them. It's an essential part of wildlife control.

Attic and Odor Cleanup
If you've had animals in your attic, you've now got their waste in your attic. Feces, urine, hair, body oils, food stores, and more. Many wild animals can make a big mess in the attic. Not only does this waste smell bad, it is unsanitary, and can actually be a biohazard. Fungus can grow on animal waste, and cause lung diseases in the future. Droppings can contain roundworm, Rickettsia rickettsii, Leptospirosis, and Salmonella, all of which humans can contract. Furthermore, many animals leave their scent behind - specific pheromones, in the case of rodents, and this scent can lure new animals into the attic. We perform attic cleanup, and we eliminate this waste - we remove all droppings, we vacuum out waste, and we fog the area with a special enzyme biohazard cleaner. Click on the special attic restoration and decontamination page to learn more.

Noises in Your Walls or Attic
This is the single most common complaint that we get - "I hear scratching and scampering noises in my attic". This means that you've got animals in your attic, probably one of these four species:
Roof Rats: Rats are the most common animal that we deal with. They are commensal with people - they live in our homes and eat our food. They seek out the warmth and safety of houses, and love to live in the walls or attics. If you hear light scratching in the middle of the night, it's probably rats.
Squirrels: Squirrels usually live in trees, but have found that the attics of homes are even better - they're drier, warmer, and safer. Oftentimes a female squirrel will give birth to and raise a litter of young in an attic. If you hear scratching and running around in the morning, daytime, and early evening, it's probably squirrels.
Raccoons: Raccoons, especially female raccoons, frequently break into attics. As with the squirrels, the female raccoon is looking for a safe place in which to raise a litter of babies. Raccoons are very strong, and can rip open any part of a roof or soffit in order to get in. If you hear heavy noises or vocal noises in your attic, it's probably raccoons.
Opossums: Opossums are opportunistic and great climbers, and they frequently inhabit attics. Sometimes a winter den of four or more adults will live together in an attic, seeking the warmth. Sometimes a female will live in an attic in order to provide safety to her young. Possums are nocturnal, so if you hear heavy noises at night, it could be opossums.
Regardless of the type of animal that is making noise in your attic, we will identify it, trap and remove all the specimens, seal shut the entry points, and clean up the animal waste.

Digging and Damage in Your Yard
The two most common culprits of yard damage in Florida are the Nine-Banded Armadillo and the Eastern Mole. If you've got a lot of surface digging, like small divots or cone-shaped holes, it's armadillo activity. Armadillos dig up worms and grubs from the ground. If you've got a very large hole, like 8 inches in diameter, with a lot of dirt thrown out, it's an armadillo burrow. Armadillos will dig several burrows in their range, either to live in or to use as escape routes. If you've got mounds of dirt in your yard or ridged surface tunnels coming from below the ground, that's the work of moles. We usually don't deal with moles, but we are experts at armadillo trapping and removal.

Emergency Calls
We deal with all kinds of wildlife emergencies. These are the most common types:
Snake in the House or Yard: Many people are afraid of snakes. Sometimes snakes find their way into a house. I do many snake removals from homes every year. Most of the time it's harmless snakes, but people don't know any better. Better safe than sorry. I also remove snakes from yards, but this is a bit more tricky - oftentimes the snake has vacated the premises before I arrive.
Bird in a Building: Sometimes birds accidentally fly into homes and buildings. They are stuck, and they fly about, unable to get out. I've removed crows from office buildings, owls from screened lenais, hawks from retail stores, Chimney Swifts from Homes, etc. Sometimes these emergency jobs are tricky, but I usually manage to net the animal without causing it any harm, and then I safely let it go outside.
Rat in the House: Rats love to live in houses. They usually stick to the attic and wall, but if there's a hole leading into the house, they will often venture into the home, sometimes in search of food. I get many calls regarding rats in houses - such as a rat in the kitchen. I've found that the only way to get it 100% of the time is to shoot it.
Raccoon or Opossum in a Garage: Sometimes these larger animals get themselves stuck in certain areas. They can get stuck in a garage, in a garbage can, in between a narrow fence, etc. If you've got a close encounter with an angry coon or possum, give me a call, and I can safely remove it right away.
Raccoon or Opossum Sick on Property: Sometimes an animal is sick, and it wanders onto someone's property. I get many calls each year about a stumbling raccoon or lethargic opossum. The animal could have rabies or some other fatal disease. I will safely remove the animal and euthanize it in a humane manner.
Regardless of your exact problem, we will do our best to come out and address your emergency situation as quickly as possible. This often means getting out of bed and driving in the middle of the night, or stopping a job completely to run off to the emergency situation. It's not always easy for us, but we do our best to help in tough situations.

Dead Animal and Carcass Removal
I get many calls from distressed customers who have a terrible odor in their house. If you have a tremendous stench in your home, it could be a dead animal that is rotting. Oftentimes rats and squirrels and opossums that live in your attic or walls will die, sometimes by poison, sometimes by falling down a wall, sometimes by old age, and when they start to decay, the odor is horrible. I am a true expert at finding and removing dead carcasses in attics and walls. I sniff it out, and then if necessary, cut it out of the wall, and fix the hole. I use a special biological deodorizer to kill the odor. I can even find out how the animal got into the home, and then seal the entry points shut so that it doesn't happen again. I can also remove a dead carcass from under your home or on your property.

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